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The Impact of Fair Trade Chocolate

fair trade chocolate farmers drying beans

Not all chocolate bars are created equal. It’s easy to make a chocolate bar with a beautiful label, but it’s harder to produce chocolate with a purpose. The grim reality of the chocolate industry is that cocoa farmers have been plagued with a long history of extreme poverty, child labor, and even slave labor. Despite good intentions by the chocolate industry, these issues are still prevalent.

Planting Trees for Clean Water

planting a tree sapling

Lake Champlain is an essential part of who we are. Last month, our team was lucky enough to volunteer at the Intervale Center on a tree-planting project help to restore and repair the quality and integrity of our local waterways.

Indulge. Restore. Repeat

sunset over Lake Champlain

What if a chocolate bar not only restored you, but could also restore your happy place?  Our new Restorative Moments Collection sets out to do just that with six extra-dark chocolate flavors crafted from only the best organic and fair trade certified ingredients. For this new collection, we are proud to be partnering with the Intervale Center’s Conservation Nursery to help restore the quality and integrity of our waterways, like our namesake, Lake Champlain. 

The Great Cream Conundrum

cow grazing in the Vermont countryside

Let’s not beat around the bush…we’re running out of caramel! Well, not exactly, we are running out of cream, an ingredient that is crucial to making our sumptuous, slow-cooked golden caramel. Imaging a world without caramel is pretty bleak. But, the truth is we are currently facing a cream supply shortage. 

Join the Global Climate Strike

box of chocolate truffles with global climate strike logo

Imagine a world without chocolate. If the status quo continues, it's possible the world could run out of chocolate in the next 30 years. Join us on Friday, September 20, 2019 for the Global Climate Strike.