Frequently Asked Questions

Ordering FAQs

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  • Do you offer quantity discounts?

  • Do you ship chocolate outside of the United States?

  • I want to ship to an address in the United States, but I live in another country. Can I still order?

  • Do you do make custom gift baskets and chocolates?

  • Do you offer gift cards?

  • Where can I find [ ______ ] near me?

Chocolate FAQs

  • How can I tell if my chocolate is past its date of optimal freshness?

  • What kind of chocolate do you use?

  • What is the percent of cocoa in your chocolates?

  • Are any of your chocolates kosher? Are they pareve?

  • Are any of your products vegan?

  • Do you have sugar free chocolates?

  • Is your chocolate alkalized?

  • What flavors are in my box of chocolates?

  • Do your chocolates have allergens in them such as soy, peanuts, tree nuts, dairy, and gluten?

  • Does your chocolate contain caffeine?

  • What is your position on transparency?

  • Are your finished chocolates fair trade certified?

  • Are Lake Champlain Chocolates organic?

  • How are you addressing GMOs?

  • Is your Restorative Moments Collection compliant with California Prop 65?

Shelf Life of Chocolate - Listed by Type:

Our chocolates are best when enjoyed within 2 weeks of receiving. If you need to keep your chocolates for longer, please follow our guidelines for how to properly store chocolate.

  • Truffles & Chocolate Gift Boxes

  • Chocolate Bars, Squares & Coins

  • Five Star Bars®

  • Chocolates of Vermont

  • Hot Chocolate

  • Snack Bites

  • Filled Hearts, Eggs, Leaves & Bonbons

  • Handcrafted Specialties

  • Chocolate Snowmen, Santas, Bunnies, Turkeys & Frogs

  • Chocolate Dipped Fruit

  • Sauces

  • Marshmallows