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About Our Chocolate Company

Lake Champlain Chocolates


Made in Vermont Since ’83


Vermont is more than an address for this chocolate company. It's home — where we live, who we are, and how we do business. It's also where we make our chocolates — right here in Burlington by the shores of Lake Champlain. And from the first truffle in 1983 up to the present day, Vermont has inspired us to take a craftsman’s approach to chocolate: creativity, patience, and mastery.


To Bring You The Best.

That's the mission — it’s why we show up every day. To make chocolates that amaze with fresh ingredients and exquisite flavor. A few things have changed over 30 years, to be sure. What started with chocolate truffles has grown to include hot chocolate gifts, organic chocolate, sea salt caramels, and other tempting treats. Decorating Chocolate Truffles

But with each new product, what stays the same is our goal to create something special, and to give you the best experience when buying chocolate online, browsing our retail chocolate stores, or visiting our Vermont chocolate factory.

Following Instincts.

Whether you spell it “localvore” or “locavore,” it means the same thing — seeking out the best and freshest ingredients from local farmers and producers. More than a trend, it’s now a national movement. And it’s what we've been doing for the last 30 years.

Why did we go local so long before it was cool? Call it Vermont instincts — there wasn't a crystal ball, and we've never been trendy. Even back in ’83, it just made sense that using local honey, maple syrup, and fresh cream in our Chocolates of Vermont would result in superior flavor. Those same instincts told us to never add preservatives, extenders, or additives to any of our chocolates.

From Local to Global.

Vermont Maple SyrupTrue to Vermont’s D.I.Y. spirit, we’re now crafting our own bean-to-bar chocolate from scratch. We’re even keeping our own bees at Burlington’s Intervale Center, with the goal of producing honey to use in our chocolates.

This focus on sourcing goes beyond local — and around the world. We've also committed to buying fair trade chocolate certified by a third party, and our company is proud to have earned Fair for Life - Social & Fair Trade Certification.

In addition, we’re embarking on direct partnerships with cacao growers in Guatemala and other emerging markets, and funding a World Cocoa Foundation scholarship to empower women and educate youth in Ivory Coast, Africa.


A Vermont Family Company.

And from the global, it all comes back to Vermont — and to family. Since Jim Lampman founded the company in 1983, he's been joined by his daughter, Ellen Lampman Reed, as head of Sourcing & Purchasing, and son Eric Lampman, who manages the company’s R&D efforts.

Eric, Ellen, and Jim LampmanGrowing up “LCC,” this next generation of leaders has been living and breathing a passion for great chocolate ever since they were born. And from developing new organic products to spearheading ethical sourcing initiatives, they've already proved themselves key to defining the future of Lake Champlain Chocolates.

The Secret Ingredient.

Browse our gourmet chocolate online, or visit us in Vermont for a factory tour. Either way, we hope you can take a moment to relax, taste, and discover the secret ingredient in all our chocolates:

We love what we do, and we love to bring you the best.