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What is a Fluffle?

a fluffle or group of chocolate bunny truffles

Did you know that a group of bunnies is called a fluffle?  A fluffle is what our neighbors to the north, in Canada, call a group or herd of rabbits. Here at Lake Champlain Chocolates, we know a thing or two about fluffles — fluffles of gourmet chocolate bunnies that is! Each year we handcraft over 175,000 delectable chocolate bunnies for Easter in our Vermont chocolate factory.   Our chocolatiers took a break from the factory to share some fun facts about what goes into making all of the different kinds of chocolate bunnies.

Making a Fluffle of Chocolate Bunnies

To make a fluffle of chocolate bunnies that is truly extraordinary, you need to start with only the highest quality ingredients.  That’s why our chocolatiers use only the best-tasting, fair trade and organic certified chocolate. This means your family can enjoy their Lake Champlain Chocolates Easter bunnies knowing that they are sustainably and ethically made, and do not contain GMOs!

filling a pitcher with chocolate

A well-tempered fluffle

What makes our bunnies so irresistible?  They have a good temper!  Before any fuffles can be made, our chocolatiers must first temper the chocolate.  This step gives the chocolate bunnies a clean snap and lustrous shine.  The chocolatiers use a special tank with giant spinning wheel to keep the molten chocolate in constant motion. This helps the chocolate to stay tempered while it is being used to create the bunnies.

filling bunny molds with chocolate

Making solid chocolate bunnies

Our Classic Bunnies are our most popular Easter treats. To craft these solid milk, dark, and white chocolate bunnies, our chocolatiers fill three dimensional, bunny-shaped molds with tempered chocolate — four bunnies at a time.  The bunnies then get treated to a brief period of rest and relaxation in our cold room. Once the chocolate sets up, the bunnies are removed from the molds and then hand-wrapped and dressed with a beautiful bow.

depositing chocolate into a mold

Just a dollop of chocolate for this fluffle

There’s nothing cuter than a group of tiny milk and dark baby bunnies, unless of course, they are chocolate! Enter our small bunny table favors. These miniature chocolate bunnies are perfect for decorating a table or tucking inside an Easter egg. To make these hollow chocolate bunnies, our chocolatiers use a special depositor, which allows them to control how much chocolate gets put into each mold.  Just a dollop of chocolate perfection!

creating hollow chocolate bunnies with the magnetic tumbler

Going for a ride!

Now it’s time to get things rocking and rolling.  Once half of the bunny mold is filled with tempered chocolate, the other (empty) half is attached to the top.  The chocolate molds are then placed on the magnetic tumbler. This innovative machine spins the molds in two directions causing the chocolate to coat the outside of the mold while leaving the center hollow.  Voila, a fluffle of hollow chocolate bunnies is born!

hand painting a chocolate mold

Hand-painted to perfection

Looking for a fluffle that is truly unique? Our Cruisin’ Bunny rabbit and giant Goodtime Bunny are hand-decorated.  Crafting these extraordinary bunnies takes time and a steady hand.  Our chocolatiers take bottles filled with white chocolate and dark chocolate and carefully paint each detail; a marbled dark chocolate blazer, beautiful white chocolate flowers, or flashy white chocolate fenders.  Talk about a custom paint job — each bunny is a unique work of chocolate art!

hand packing a giant bunny

Off and hopp'n

Happy Easter! May it be filled with joy, fluffles of delicious bunnies, and extraordinary chocolate moments!

kids enjoying chocolate bunnies