How to Make Halloween Marshmallow Pops

marshmallow pops decorated to look like mummies

Whether you are looking for a fun Halloween-themed activity to do with your kids or for some tasty treats to serve at your Halloween party, you’ve come to just the right place.  Delight your kids or your guests with these quick and easy Halloween marshmallow pops.  Decorated to look like mummies, these scrumptious chocolate covered marshmallows for Halloween are so good it’s scary. Follow our easy step-by-step instructions for how to make these mummy marshmallow pops and make your Halloween celebration frightfully delicious! 

Easy Mummy Marshmallow Pops 



tempering dark chocolate in a tempering machinetempering dark chocolate in a tempering machine


1.  After gathering your supplies, start by tempering your dark chocolate.

assembling marshmallow popsassembling marshmallow pops

 2.  Pair up your marshmallows. Stack the marshmallows so that they sit level. (This will ensure that your finished pops stand up.) Then carefully insert the wooden sticks. 

dipping marshmallow pops in dark chocolatedipping marshmallow pops in dark chocolate

3.  Dip your marshmallow pops so that they get completely covered in dark chocolate. Place the pop marshmallow side down (stick ends up) on a sheet tray to dry.

filling a piping bag with white chocolatefilling a piping bag with white chocolate

4.  In a separate bowl, temper your white chocolate. Place the tempered white chocolate in a piping bag with a fine point tip. 

drizzling white chocolate on marshmallow popsdrizzling white chocolate on marshmallow pops

5.  Drizzle white chocolate lines on your marshmallow pops. Leave a small space empty about two-thirds of the way up on one side (this will be where you add the mummy’s eyes). 

adding white chocolate eyesadding white chocolate eyes

6.  Once dry, carefully lay the marshmallows pops on their side, with the empty eye space facing up. Make two large dots for the eyes, using the tempered white chocolate. 

adding dark chocolate detail for the eyesadding dark chocolate detail for the eyes

7.  Fill a small piping bag with the last of the tempered dark chocolate. Complete the eyes by adding a small dot of dark chocolate to the center of the larger white dots.

finished mummy halloween marshmallow popsfinished mummy halloween marshmallow pops

8.  Finish your mummy marshmallow pops by adding a couple more white chocolate lines. (This will give your mummy a little more dimension.) Let dry and enjoy!

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