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Hanukkah Gift Guide

bags of hanukkah gelt

Whether you are an expert on what’s appropriate, or new to Jewish traditions, we’ve compiled a helpful list of Hanukkah gift ideas to make your celebration extraordinary!

The Impact of Fair Trade Chocolate

fair trade chocolate farmers drying beans

Not all chocolate bars are created equal. It’s easy to make a chocolate bar with a beautiful label, but it’s harder to produce chocolate with a purpose. The grim reality of the chocolate industry is that cocoa farmers have been plagued with a long history of extreme poverty, child labor, and even slave labor. Despite good intentions by the chocolate industry, these issues are still prevalent.

10 Ways to Safely Celebrate Halloween


Halloween is creeping up on us, and fast. It’s a scary, we know. Don’t fret. Halloween 2020 can still be fang-tastic fun for everyone. We’re here to help make your Halloween celebrations sweet. Whether it’s your family’s first Halloween or you’ve got a house full of kids that are “too old to trick-or-treat”, here’s a list of things to do to keep the Halloween spirit alive!

Join us to stop hate, racism, and social injustice

We stand with the black community

In July we took a step against hate, racism, and social injustice and joined the Stop Hate for Profit movement. For one month, along with hundreds of other brands, we paused all paid advertising on Facebook and Instagram. The money that we would’ve spent on advertising was donated to two non-profit organizations selected by our employees.