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Indulge. Restore. Repeat

sunset over Lake Champlain

What if a chocolate bar not only restored you, but could also restore your happy place?  Our new Restorative Moments Chocolate Bar Collection sets out to do just that with six extra-dark chocolate flavors crafted from only the best organic and fair trade certified ingredients. For this new collection, we are proud to be partnering with the Intervale Center’s Conservation Nursery to help restore the quality and integrity of our waterways, like our namesake, Lake Champlain. 

How to Make Drinking Chocolate

mug of dark chocolate drinking chocolate

Drinking Chocolate is perfect for those in search of a full-bodied, deeply satisfying chocolate experience. Preparation for this decadent winter beverage takes a little more time, but the efforts are well worth it. Plus, because this drink is super-rich, you only need a small amount to get your soul-soothing, winter chocolate fix. Learn how to make drinking chocolate at home!