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November is World Vegan Month

dark chocolate Five Star Bars getting enrobed in dark chocolate

Did you know that November is World Vegan Month?! An entire month to celebrate all things vegan. But, what does it mean to be vegan and can vegan's eat chocolate? These questions can be difficult to answer because there are varying degrees of veganism. For some, it is a diet that avoids animal mistreatment and slaughter. While, others regard it as a lifestyle that abstains from animal byproducts for ethical and health reasons, but also embraces the environmental impact of their food choices.

Quiz: Is chocolate vegan?

stack of chocolate bars

It's time to put yourself to the test. Just how much do you know about vegan foods? Take our quiz and test your vegan knowledge of chocolate and chocolate ingredients!

a pile of square marshmallows

Are marshmallows vegan?

No. These delicious gourmet vanilla marshmallows are made with gelatin. Gelatin is often derived from animals, so vegans usually try to avoid foods that contain it.

a scoop of dark chocolate chips

Is dark chocolate vegan?

Yes. Vegans rejoice!  Our solid dark chocolate (54% cocoa content and higher) is dairy-free, containing only cocoa mass, sugar, cocoa butter (vegan), soy lecithin, and vanilla.

jar of peanut butter and peanuts

Is peanut butter vegan?

Yes.  All-natural peanut butter is made from two simple ingredients – crushed peanuts and salt.  For vegans it can be great source of protein.

organic milk chocolate bar

Is milk chocolate vegan?

No.  As the name indicates, milk chocolate contains milk (a byproduct that most vegans try to avoid).

chunks of white chocolate

Is cocoa butter vegan?

Yes. Despite it’s name, cocoa butter doesn’t actually contain dairy. It is the yellowish-white vegetable fat that is produced when cocoa beans are pressed under a high pressure.

glass of hard cider

Is Citizen Cider hard cider vegan?

Yes. Citizen Cider, the focal point of our Apple Cider Caramels, is made from 100% locally sourced apples.  This naturally gluten-free cider is a crisp and refreshing, vegan-friendly beverage.

peppermint crunch

Is peppermint crunch vegan?

Yes. Vegans will love the cool, refreshing crunch that these small pieces of peppermint candy add to some of our most-loved chocolates.

traditional hot chocolate

Is hot chocolate vegan?

Yes. Our deliciously rich and full-bodied hot chocolates do not contain milk powder.  So, go ahead and mix with your favorite soy, coconut or almond milk for a delicious dairy-free treat that will warm your soul.

chocolate truffles

Is chocolate ganache vegan?

No. Chocolate ganache is made by blending chocolate, cream and butter to form the center of our iconic truffles. The added cream and butter (dairy) in chocolate ganache are ingredients that most vegans try not eat.

glass of coconut milk

Is coconut milk vegan?

Yes. Despite having “milk” in the name, coconut milk does not actually contain dairy. This milk-like liquid is produced when the coconut meat is grated. Coconut milk is a great dairy-free alternative for vegans.

pour of caramel

Is caramel vegan?

No. In order to get a delectable golden caramel, fresh Vermont cream and sugars are slow-cooked to perfection a big copper kettle. The added cream (dairy) is an ingredient that most vegans try to avoid. You can use this widget to input text into the page.

white chocolate bunny

Is white chocolate vegan?

No. White chocolate is made by combining sugar, cocoa butter, milk solids, lecithin, and vanilla. The added milk solids (dairy) are an ingredient that most vegans try to avoid.

honey and honeycomb

Is honey vegan?

No. Honey has always been a hot topic of debate among vegans.  But, when it comes down to it, honey is an animal byproduct (produced by bees) that most vegans try to avoid.

chunks of hazelnut paste

Is gianduja vegan?

Yes. Gianduja [john-DOO-yah] is tantalizing mixture of ground hazelnuts and chocolate. When the gianduja is made with dark chocolate; no dairy is added.  Therefore making it a delicious vegan-friendly treat.

grades of maple syrup

Is maple syrup vegan?

Yes. True Vermont maple syrup is the made from the sap of maple trees, making it a delicious vegan-approved sweetener.

Thanks for taking the time take our quiz. Hopefully you discovered something new about vegan chocolates and ingredients!  For a full listing, check out our vegan chocolates.  Happy World Vegan Month!