Fun and Unique At Home Valentine’s Day Ideas

cozying up by the fireplace with chocolate for Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day is a day to honor the relationship you have with that special someone. Planning a celebration that measures up to your love during a pandemic can be difficult. This year, make it a day to remember with one of these romantic at home Valentine’s Day ideas.

As chocolatiers, we start to prepare for your big day more than a year in advance. But, the reality is that Valentine’s Day is a notoriously last-minute holiday and the majority of couples, wait until February 1st to start thinking of gift ideas and date night plans.

You can't go wrong with a gourmet heart-shaped box of chocolates. (Yes, even though we work at a chocolate company we still LOVE to get chocolates on Valentine’s Day so long as it’s the good stuff, like a box of our assorted caramels.) Why not surprise and delight this year by doing something radically different?

This year forego the clichéd dozen red roses and dinner out at the expensive restaurant. Instead, stay safe. Plan a cozy, romantic night and have Valentine’s Day at home.

13 Epic Ways to Celebrate Valentine's Day at Home

1. Cook a romantic dinner for two

Spend the evening together cooking a delicious dinner. (If you’re not the cooking type, order takeout from your favorite restaurant.) Set the table with flowers and candles, and pretend like you have the entire restaurant to yourself.

2. Create a scavenger hunt

Get creative and set up a scavenger hunt for your loved one. Use clues that reference memorable moments in your relationship. Gourmet Valentine's truffles provide a sweet reward for a hunt well done. 

3. Play some games

Unplug from technology and enjoy a night playing board games. Whether you pick a tried and true classic like Scrabble or go for something a little more adventurous like Truth or Dare or Rivals for Catan, it’s guaranteed to be a night of fun.

4. Have an indoor picnic

If fancy dinners aren’t your cup of tea, pack a picnic basket filled with wine, cheese, chocolate, charcuterie, and other goodies. Spread out a blanket by the fireplace for an indoor picnic. Grab and gourmet s'mores kit and complete your picnic with an indoor s’mores bar.

5. Dance the night away

Who says you need to go out to have a fun night. Queue up a romantic sound track and have your own personal dance party. Just make sure you include the song from your first dance!

6. Make chocolate fondue for two

Fresh strawberries dipped in luscious, dark chocolate is a simple, yet sublime treat. Surprise your sweetie with chocolate fondue. Be sure to include a number of fun things to dip, like fresh fruit, pretzels, cake, and gourmet vanilla marshmallows.

7. Let your inner child out

Unwind and embrace your inner child with a night of classic kid’s games. Enjoy a competitive round of Mario Kart or duke it out with a Nerf Gun battle.

8. Watch a movie

Relax and enjoy a night cuddled up on the couch. Whether you re-watch the first movie you saw together or enjoy the latest romantic comedy, just make sure you have plenty of chocolate hearts on hand to share

9. Plan your next vacation

Just because you are staying at home for Valentine's Day, doesn't mean you can't dream about your next romantic getaway. Start by making a list of destinations and then explore the possible activities you can do together. Help set the tone with chocolate; a tropical chocolate coconut bar inspires long walks on the beach, while a bourbon caramel chocolate bar evokes cozy après ski nights by the fireplace.

10. Set up an at home spa

Turn down the lights, light some candles, and turn your place into a luxurious at-home spa. Spend the evening relaxing in the tub or take turns giving each other a massage.

11. Host a personal wine and chocolate pairing

What's better than wine? Wine with chocolate of course! Host an intimate pairing for you and your love. Start by learning the steps of how to taste chocolate and then check out our list of recommended wine and chocolate pairings. Or, take your experience to the next level and join our chocolate professionals for a virtual chocolate tasting.

12. Create a bucket list

Share your dreams with your loved one by spending the evening creating a bucket list. Enjoy the time as you think of fun adventures and activities the two of you can do together.

13. Go star gazing

Bundle up and head outside for a night under the stars. Pack a thermos of soul-soothing hot chocolate to keep you warm.  And who knows, maybe you’ll be lucky enough to make a wish upon a shooting star.

How are you going to celebrate Valentine’s Day at home? We’d love to hear your ideas! Share with us on Facebook or Instagram @LCChocolates!

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