Plan a Memorable Date Night at Home for Valentine's Day

making chocolate fondue for Valentine's Day

Valentine’s Day is less than two weeks away. As chocolatiers we start preparing for your big day more than a year in advance. But, the reality is that Valentine’s Day is a notoriously last minute holiday and the majority of couples, like you, are just starting to contemplate gift ideas and date night plans.

Each year, you tell yourself that you won’t wait so long to strategize. After all, Valentine’s Day is the same day every year – February 14th. But, the year comes and goes, the holidays come and go, and before you know it, it’s February 1st and you are back where you were last year…still trying to figure out how to celebrate. You can't wrong with a gourmet heart-shaped box of chocolates. (Yes, even though we work at a chocolate company we still LOVE to get chocolates on Valentine’s Day, so long as it is the good stuff.) Why not surprise and delight this year by doing something radically different?

This year forego the clichéd dozen red roses and the expensive dinner out at the overly crowded restaurant. Instead, stay at home for Valentine's Day. But, we don’t mean Netflix and chill. Plan a cozy, romantic night in and have a hygge Valentine’s Day.

Just how do you have a hygge Valentine’s Day? This popular Danish word roughly translates to a notion of being cozy and embracing the pleasures that come with making ordinary, everyday moments more meaningful. So, rejoice in the hygge by having a date night at home and making chocolate fondue for two.

How to Have a Hygge Valentine's Day with Chocolate Fondue for Two

Start the experience by shopping for the ingredients. Our recipe calls for dark chocolate, but you can be bold and go for an extra-dark chocolate, heat things up by using a spicy chocolate, or go fruity and use raspberry studded dark chocolate. After you pick out your chocolate, have fun as a couple deciding which fruits, cakes, cookies, or other items you want to use for dipping.

Enjoy your time in the kitchen as you create a delectable dessert. You can learn a lot about your partner's personality when you cook together. So grab a glass of wine, tie on an apron and get to it. Not a baking expert? Not to worry, our fondue recipe is fairly simple and won’t involve being in the kitchen all night.

Now comes the fun part – enjoying your chocolate fondue for two. Light a few candles, cozy up by the fireplace, and savor the sweet moments together as you dip, dunk, and swirl the night away.

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