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Assorted Sea Salt Caramels Collection

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Assorted Sea Salt Caramels Collection

Assorted Chocolate Caramels

Introducing the best of both worlds - because when it comes to sea salt caramels, the choice is all yours. Select your favorite variety, whether it's decadent dark chocolate caramels or silky milk chocolate caramels. And when you're ready for a gift offering the best of both worlds, this elegant checkerboard assortment of milk and dark sea salt caramels is your ticket to chocolaty, creamy, salty-sweet perfection.

What You'll Get:

  • Total piece count: 20
  • 10 Milk Chocolate Sea Caramels
  • 10 Dark Chocolate Sea Caramels
  • Packaged in a gift box with a red ribbon
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Product Story

The story behind our sea salt caramels is one of time, patience, and "thinking small" — each delicious batch yielding enough caramels for only nine gift boxes. Our chocolatiers start by stirring fresh Vermont cream and sugars in traditional copper kettles, slow-cooking to golden perfection. After cooling overnight, the caramel is cut by hand into individual pieces, covered in milk or dark chocolate, and sprinkled with sea salt.

sprinkling sea salt on caramels