13 delicious ways to celebrate National Chocolate Day

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Chocolate lovers rejoice! Today is National Chocolate Day – our favorite day to celebrate the “the food of gods.” You might think that constantly being surrounded by chocolate would get tiresome. But, it’s quite the contrary. Here at Lake Champlain Chocolates our world literally revolves around chocolate, smooth chocolate truffles, chocolate nut clusters, chocolate caramels. Oh the irresistibly delicious options are endless. While every day might feel like National Chocolate Day, today we invite you to join us in taking chocolate fanaticism to a whole new level. Here are some unexpected and delicious ways to celebrate:

1. Shake it up with chocolate for Breakfast

chocolate for breakfast

Yes, chocolate for breakfast. This hot chocolate smoothie recipe is a protein-rich mix of oats, almond milk, unsweetened cocoa powder and a sprinkling of cacao nibs. Yum! If smoothies aren’t your thing, you can always start your morning with a delicious batch of double chocolate cherry muffins.

2. Share the chocolate love

organic chocolate squares for snacking

It’s truly amazing what a small square of chocolate can do. Pass a few of these organic chocolate squares out to an unsuspecting neighbor or coworker and just watch as their face lights up with joy. As an added bonus, each one of these fair trade chocolate squares also helps to improve the lives of cacao farmers and their families. There's nothing quite like good chocolate karma.

3. Win FREE chocolate

win a free chocolate gift box

No need to adjust your screen, you read that correctly – FREE chocolate. Simply add your email to our mailing list and you’ll be entered to win a scrumptious 30 piece chocolate sampler box for every month you are subscribed. And who knows, for National Chocolate Day we might just have a few surprises up our sleeve.

4. Take a chocolate factory tour

chocolate factory tour guide

Come take a peek inside our chocolate factory and see how the magic happens. Learn about our sweet chocolate heritage and as you watch Five Star Bars® or chocolate Santas being handcrafted. Then try some delectable samples of our best chocolate confections! And, don’t forget to stock up on some factory seconds while you're here.

5. Learn how chocolate is made

eat chocolate everyday

Did you know that cocoa only grows within 20 degrees north and south of the Equator? Learning how chocolate is crafted from bean to bar will change your whole outlook on life (and chocolate).

6. Know where your chocolate comes from

fair trade helps cocoa farmers

Just how much do you know about the chocolate you eat? Sustainably and ethically sourced chocolate is not only better for you, but for the farmers and farming communities who work hard to grow the cacao. Simply look for the Fair for Life certification!

7. Spice it up with chocolate for lunch

chocolate mole for lunch

And we don't just mean unwrapping a bar. This tantalizing braised pork mole taco recipe combines smooth dark chocolate, ancho peppers and dark cherries to create the perfect chocolate-infused lunch.

8. Explore your darkside

chocolate pour

Looking for another reason to eat chocolate? There are countless studies that have explored the health benefits of chocolate. Whether it's a focus on heart health or pregnancy, these studies all have one thing in common - when it comes to chocolate, darker is better!

9. Experience Choctober Fest


Our annual Choctober Fest returns this weekend only to our Vermont retail stores! Enjoy free tastings and sweet deals on chocolate. We promise no tricks, only treats!

10. Get your holiday shopping done early

holiday chocolate gift basket

Imagine a world where you can finish your holiday shopping early and get to choose when and where to ship your gourmet chocolate gifts. Simply shop online and find great gifts for all of the chocolate fanatics in your life, like a monthly chocolate subscription.

11. Warm up and “mallow” out

America's best hot chocolate

Go ahead and treat yourself to a mug of “America’s best hot chocolate.” Top with a couple of our gourmet vanilla marshmallows and you’ve got the perfect drink to enjoy while you finish your aforementioned holiday shopping.

12. Have chocolate for dinner

pairing cheese and chocolate

Bring the flavors of Vermont to your table with delectable chocolates, local cheeses, and Vermont craft beer. Learn the professional tips and techniques for tasting and for pairing. Then, gather your friends and fellow chocolate lovers for an unforgettable evening.

13. Eat more chocolate

extraordinary chocolate moments

This one is a no-brainer. True chocolate fanatics never miss the chance to eat great gourmet chocolate. So, go ahead and have just one, or two, or three more squares. After all, it IS National Chocolate Day. Cheers!

Siri's answer to the meaning of life is chocolate

Do you have a great way to plan to celebrate National Chocolate Day? Share it with us @LCChocolates #iloveLCC!


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