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4 Reasons Why Corporate Gifting is so Important

Chocolates of Vermont corporate gift box

Corporate gifting is important because it is a reflection of your company. With hectic schedules and the inevitable craziness that seems to come with deadlines, you might be tempted to forego business gifts this year. Don’t let this task fall by the wayside! As business gifting specialists, we’ve compiled a list of reasons why sending thoughtful corporate holiday gifts to clients and employees should be your top priority.

It’s good business

As a businessperson, you don’t get a second chance to make a first impression. A simple gesture of thanks, an acknowledgment of patronage can turn one-time leads into lifetime customers. Sending a carefully curated gift to clients and customers not only shows that you care about your professional relationship, but it is a reflection of your corporate culture and business values. This gesture is often overlooked during the busy times.  A well thought-out business gift shows that your company is willing to put in the extra effort, even when there is a lot going on.

Reinforce your brand

When it comes down to it, corporate gifts are another form of advertising. They give you a way to stay in touch with customers and clients. A thoughtful, yet delicious gift, especially one that is customized with your company logo, is a great way to keep your brand front of mind!

Respect tradition

In some cultures, business gifting is expected. When doing business with international clients and companies, there is often a very strict etiquette to follow. Taking the time to research what is expected and presenting the right gift can be the difference between a deal that closes and one that falls through the cracks.

Stand out from the competition

Following the crowd might not be in your way of doing things. But, when it comes to corporate gifting, you can’t afford to fall short of the competition. A unique business gift can help keep you and your company top-of-mind, not theirs.

Tips for Business Gifting

Know their gifting policies

Before you begin your gift list, determine whether or not your client is bound by certain policies concerning gifts. Some industries don’t allow gifts, while other industries restrict the value of the gift. Knowing this ahead of time can save you a lot of effort, frustration, and wasted money.

Follow etiquette

Make sure that your gift matches your business relationship. Steer clear of gag gifts and overtly personal gifts that could possibly offend your client or customer (even if you think it’s in good humor, they might not).

Food gifts are always appreciated

Everyone loves a sweet treat! Gourmet gift baskets make a memorable gift, especially when they are customized with your logo. A multi-layer chocolate gift towers or assortment are great gifts the whole office can share.

Make your gift stand out

Worried about deadlines? Send your corporate gifts in January, once the end of the year craziness has subsided. Use it as a time to wish your clients a prosperous New Year.  Not only will they appreciate the delicious gesture, but your gift will make a lasting impression because it won’t have to compete with other company gifts.

Honor your employees

Business gifting shouldn’t just be limited to your customers and clients. Gifting to employees shows that you value their hard work.  This kind gesture of appreciation can help boost morale and improve the workplace. Plus, it’s been shown that employees who feel appreciated are more engaged and perform better.

Trust us to help you make your best impression, with a gift of extraordinary chocolates from Vermont.  From personalized service to professional packaging, it’s corporate gifting made easy for you — and a guaranteed delight for you recipients. Email our Corporate Gifting Specialist to get started today. After all, it’s our business to make YOU look good!