How Do You Know When to Give Business Gifts?

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Giving corporate gifts make a huge impact on your business. There are many reasons why corporate gifting is so important. And, when you give business gifts is just as crucial as what you give. Sending at the wrong moment could cause insult, could be overlooked and offer no memorable impact, or worse, even land you in trouble. As business gifting experts, it’s our job to make your company look good. As a general rule of thumb, your company should plan to give a gift to those that help make your company run smoothly (employees, clients, and service providers) at least once a year. To make this easy for you, we’ve compiled a list of the best times to give business gifts.

7 Different Occasions When You Should Give Corporate Gifts

holiday chocolates of Vermont gift boxholiday chocolates of Vermont gift box

1. For the holidays

Giving gifts during the holiday season, at the end of the year, is considered standard practice in the business community. This could be gifting to employees, clients, service providers (like the postal carrier), or even to fellow business partners (like the company that prints your promotional material). Since this is a busy time of the year, its best to plan ahead and to make sure your gift stands out. A custom logo chocolate business gift will not only help get your company noticed, but it will also remind them who sent such a thoughtful gift. Since it’s hard to know what holidays are celebrated, we recommend sending a non-denominational item, as to not potentially offend the recipients. This Holiday Chocolates of Vermont gift box is festively decorated for the season without being occasion specific.

thank you gift basket filled with gourmet chocolatesthank you gift basket filled with gourmet chocolates

2. To say thank you

Every day is a good day to say, “Thank You”! Showing your appreciation to clients or employees know that you value them is the key to maintaining good working relationships. Whether it’s a gift for an employee that has gone above and beyond or a little something for that extra-special client, it is important to choose a gift that is just right for the occasion. Avoid embarrassment by making sure your gift is appropriate and follows the customs and norms of your industry. A corporate gift basket, like this delectable Thank You Chocolate Gift Basket, is guaranteed to be a hit.

gift box filled with a trio of handcrafted gourmet chocolatesgift box filled with a trio of handcrafted gourmet chocolates

3. For a company birthday

Want to make your B2B corporate gift more personal? Send a birthday gift to celebrate when their company was founded. Not only will it show that you’ve done your research, but taking the time to appreciate your clients and partners when they least expect it, will help you stand out. When choosing a gift, presentation is everything. Make sure whatever you choose measures up to your brand standards. A handcrafted box of gourmet chocolates can show just how much your company values quality and craftsmanship.

chocolate tower of treasureschocolate tower of treasures

4. At the end of a big project

Looking for a way to say, “Kudos” for a job well done? Whether it’s finishing a daunting project or finally landing that big client, giving a gift will let your employees or service providers know their hard work is appreciated. A modest token of appreciation can make for happy clients and boost employee morale. If you’re giving a group gift, be generous and make sure it’s large enough for everyone to enjoy. This chocolate Tower of Treasures is filled with only the best organic chocolates and with over 100 pieces of chocolate, there’s plenty for sharing.

gourmet box of handcrafted sea salt caramelsgourmet box of handcrafted sea salt caramels

5. To celebrate one of life's big moments

Life is full of momentous occasions, like birthdays, wedding showers, baby showers, and promotions. Recognize your employees and help them celebrate the great times with a gift. Before you start gift shopping, check with the Human Resource department and review any corporate gifting guidelines your company may have. Avoid hurt feelings by honoring every employee. A luxurious box of handcrafted Dark Chocolate Sea Salt Caramels is guaranteed to make their day extra-special.

candy jar filled with organic chocolate squarescandy jar filled with organic chocolate squares

6. After meeting a prospective client

When it comes to meeting with prospective clients, it’s crucial to make a good impression. After all, you never get a second chance to make a first impression! A small gift is a great way of thanking them for their time. You might be tempted to choose an expensive gift, but your gift’s value should be appropriate in comparison to how much your customer spends or will spend on your products or services.  (Also, make sure your gift is not sent during contract negotiations, as this can sometimes be interpreted as bribery.)  If you’re looking to make a splash, nothing says, “We’d be honored to work with you,” quite like this Organic Chocolate Squares Gift Jar. (Plus, the reusable gift jar will keep your company front of mind every time they reach for a sweet treat!)

gourmet chocolate sampler gift boxgourmet chocolate sampler gift box

7. At the end of a great year

Your employee’s hard work and determination help get your company to succeed. After a great year, reward their efforts with a gift.  Make your gift special by taking the time to hand-deliver or by including a thoughtful handwritten note. (Before you begin, just be sure to check your gift list twice for any potentially embarrassing spelling mistakes.) How much you spend, ultimately depends on how prosperous your year has been. Surprise and delight them with irresistibly delicious chocolate sampler gift box — everyone’s favorite is included!


Corporate gifting can be tricky.  A generous gift can boost employee morale and help improve client relations, while the wrong gift at the wrong time can be considered inappropriate and cause trouble.  It all comes down to knowing when to give business gifts.  Now that you have these helpful tips and ideas, you can start choosing gifts that convey the right image for your business.  Just remember: be thoughtful, be personal (without being too personal), and let us help you make it extraordinary!

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