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The Perfect Valentine’s Day Gifts for Your Best Friends

gourmet Valentine Gift Boxes

Valentine’s Day is a holiday that is often met with mixed emotions. There are the romantics-at-heart that embrace the tradition of red roses and heart-shaped boxes of chocolate. And then there are those that wish they could skip right from February 13th to February 15th and pretend that this day just doesn’t exist. Call us optimistic, we feel that it’s time to change this. Valentine’s Day should be about celebrating love. Not just with your significant other, but with all the people that you share a special connection with, like your besties. It's more important than ever to share the love with the friends that help you get through life. That’s why we created a fun list of ideas and Valentine’s Day gifts for friends.

Your best friend is your soul mate for life. They’re the one that truly knows you and loves you for who you are, little quirks and all. They know how to put a smile on your face or help you get through hard times. So why not recognize this amazing relationship and the love that the two of you share with a Valentine’s gift for your friend.

Thanks to the show, Parks & Rec, honoring your best gal friends for Valentine’s Day, affectionately known as Galentine’s Day, is quickly becoming a popular holiday. Observed on February 13th (the day before Valentine’s Day), it’s regarded as a day to celebrate all of your lady friends, regardless if they are single or not. However you choose to acknowledge your best friends during this time, we’ve got plenty of ideas on how to make it extra-special.

8 Wow-Worthy Valentine’s Gifts & Ideas for Friends

1. For the outdoor adventurer

Create a tasty little s’mores kit — a few gourmet vanilla marshmallows, an organic chocolate bar, and some graham crackers — and let your bestie know that there’s nobody you love s’more than her. Better yet, make an evening of it have an indoor s’mores party with your best friends (spiked hot chocolate, optional)!

2. For the book worm

Is your best friend an avid reader?  Surprise her this Valentine’s Day with a copy of Sandra Boynton’s book Chocolate: The Consuming Passion. Just make sure you pair this whimsical, chocolate-themed book with a delectable treat, like this chocolate bar library.

3. For the long-time bestie

Best friends’ necklaces were great when you were 12. This year, why not do something unexpected and instead of getting her a necklace,  get her a best friend's set of chocolate. Buy one chocolate assortment for her, and one for you. Whether you choose the 9-piece penguin valentine chocolate collection or the 5-piece Valentine chocolate truffles, you’ll have fun comparing notes on which flavors are your favorite.

4. For the cookie monster

Celebrating Galentine’s Day doesn’t have to mean shelling out a lot of money for gifts. Why not bake some fresh cookies? Your friends are guaranteed to fall in love with these melt-in-your-mouth vegan truffle cookies.

5. For the homebody

Is your best friend the kind of person that prefers to stay-in instead of going out for a night on the town?  You know, the one that has thoroughly enjoyed relaxing in the comforts of her own home over the past year. Help her to warm up and mallow out with a gift of soul-soothing gourmet hot chocolate.

6. For the crafty one

If you and your best friend love spending time scouring Pinterest for things to do, why not celebrate Galentine’s Day with an evening of arts and crafts over zoom.  Grab a couple of bags of heart-shaped chocolates and make these fun penguin and emoji-themed DIY Valentine’s cards.

7. For the busy mom

Being a mom is hard work. Treat your best friend to a little rest and relaxation with a batch of these chocolate bath bombs.  Not only are they easy to make, with organic cocoa powder, but she'll also love how they make her bath smell like hot chocolate!

8. For the wine lover

Is your bestie a wine enthusiast?  Does she love to unwind at the end of the day with a tall glass of wine and square of chocolate? Surprise and delight her with a decadent little treat she can enjoy with her next glass, like these dark chocolate sea salt caramels.

There you have it; 8 fun ways to celebrate the unbreakable bond you share with your closest lady friends. Whether you choose to have a memorable Galentine’s Day party or simply send Valentine’s Day gifts to your best friends that you can't be with, just remember to make it extraordinary!