The Best Hot Chocolate Bar

drinking gourmet hot chocolate

Yes, we are known for our decadent truffles, salted caramels, and to-die-for Five Star Bars®. But did you know we also have the best gourmet hot chocolate bar in town? (Or maybe even in the country? Travel + Leisure did call our hot chocolate "America's BEST.")

If you have been to one of our three retail stores and have not tried one of our hot chocolate drinks (gasp!) you are missing out.

mug of hot chocolate tipped with marshmallows

First let's get a couple things straight. Our menu consists of "drinking chocolates" and "hot chocolates." And a very fair question is, what is the difference?

Hot chocolate, or hot cocoa, is made with cocoa powder and is how most people make their hot chocolate. Drinking chocolate is how they used to make hot chocolate back in the old, old days. It is made by melting solid chocolate into hot milk, so it's like drinking a really good chocolate bar— intense and deeply satisfying. A small mug of drinking chocolate is all you need.

So what makes our hot chocolate bar so amazingly delicious? We use the same high-quality ingredients as we do in our chocolates. Our baristas are highly-trained and serve with a smile. And there is something for everyone.

The Caffeine Addict

Old World Mocha: We melt dark chocolate chips into steamed milk and add two shots of espresso. This is seriously unlike any other mocha you have ever had. Guaranteed. Or try our Hazelnut Mocha- basically a hazelnut praline in drink form, with the added benefit of espresso.

The Non-Dairy Drinker

We offer almond or soy milk with any of our drinks, but we're most excited about our current featured drink, Organic Coconut Hot Chocolate. Made with coconut milk and cocoa powder with coconut, this tropical twist on hot chocolate is both refreshing and warming and vegan.

The Traditionalist

Simple is sometimes the best. Fair Trade Cocoa and organic sugar mixed with piping hot milk. Rich and satisfying, this cup will warm you up every time. Make it extra special and top with our delicious handmade marshmallows.

Adventure Seeker

How about a single-origin drinking chocolate? Made by melting 75% Lachua Guatemala chocolate chips into steaming hot milk, this cup of drinking chocolate is intense and full-bodied, taking on the flavor notes of the bar including a bright acidity followed by notes of brown fruit and roasted cocoa nibs. This drinking chocolate celebrates a true taste of place and the journey from cacao bean in Guatemala to chocolate bar made entirely from scratch in Burlington, Vermont. Check out the quick video below to see bean to mug.

More Chocolatey Goodness Awaits

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