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Classic Milk Chocolate Easter Basket

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Classic Milk Chocolate Easter Basket

Milk Chocolate Easter Basket Gifts

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Feel like a kid on Easter morning, with this milk chocolate Easter basket loaded with colorful eggs, one of our top-selling milk chocolate bars, a chocolate bunny, large peanut butter egg, and even a chocolate carrot — because bunnies get hungry! Filled with our Vermont chocolates for a beautiful presentation, these woven Easter baskets make perfect gifts for sending to someone special, or just for you.

Basket color is subject to change and contents may vary.

What You'll Get:

Product Story

Your hunt for a gourmet Easter basket with a chocolate bunny is over. To make this extraordinary Easter treat, our chocolatiers start by handcrafting a fluffle of bunnies from only the best organic and fair trade certified chocolate. They fill the eggs with a fresh batch of luscious golden caramel before wrapping them in brightly-colored foil. Our packaging team carefully assembles the chocolate Easter baskets, so they are ready to delight right out of the box. It’s perfect for milk chocolate lovers who are young or young at heart. Need something for your dark chocolate lover? Send an Easter basket filled with gourmet dark chocolate.

kids dumping out their Easter baskets