How We Ship Our Chocolate

Shipping chocolates across the country can be tricky. That is why we don’t mess around — you can take confidence in our no melt guarantee! Since 1983, we’ve refined and mastered the art of shipping chocolates around the United States to ensure that every box arrives at your doorstep in perfect condition.  After all, the gourmet chocolates you order online should taste just as fresh and delicious as when you buy them in our four Vermont retail storesWatch our video below and read on to learn more about the careful detail that goes into each and every package we ship.

Handled with Care

Every shipment of chocolate is handled with the utmost of care. Our team of shipping experts carefully select the chocolates for your order and hand-package each and every box.  Gourmet gift boxes are lovingly wrapped in our signature tissue paper. Gift baskets are assembled and closed with a beautiful bow so that they arrive ready for gifting. Our shipping team reviews each order and then packages them based on the transit time and weather— ice packs are added, at no extra cost, to prevent the chocolates from getting too warm along the way. Bubble wrap or fill gets added to each box to help keep things from bumping around during transport. Then a free personalized gift card is included with each gift order before the box is sealed and begins its journey with UPS.

Special Care for Warm Weather Shipping

Before the package is shipped, we not only check the weather of the final destination, but each stop along the way. For shipments during the summer months and year-round to warm weather destinations, extra care is taken because exposure to heat and humidity can cause the chocolate to bloom or melt. So, the shipping boxes are lined with a special insulation and then gel ice packs are added, at no additional cost.  The chocolate then gets wrapped in a plastic bag to protect it from moisture, before the box is sealed and ready for delivery!

100% Satisfaction – Guaranteed

We stand behind each and every package we ship from our factory.  There is nothing more disappointing than receiving a box that is damaged, or chocolate that is melted. That’s why we have a no melt guarantee and our chocolate shipping team goes above and beyond to ensure that your order is perfectly packaged.  It’s also why we let you choose the arrival date for your order — so that you can be home to receive your precious box of chocolates. If for some reason you are not 100% satisfied with your order, simply view our return policy and let us know, so that we can make sure you have an extraordinary chocolate moment!

High-Quality Packaging Materials

A lot of care goes into picking out just the right materials to ship your chocolates. As a certified B Corporation®, we care about the environment. That’s why we use only sustainable-produced, recyclable packing material when we ship our extraordinary chocolates. It’s also why we encourage you to properly reuse or recycle every component you receive in your chocolate shipment.

infographic that show the sustainable packaging

Have more questions about shipping chocolate? Give us a call — our team of chocolate experts is here to help!