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Classic Dark Chocolate Easter Basket

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Classic Dark Chocolate Easter Basket

Dark Chocolate Easter Basket

Give Easter a touch of sweet tradition, with our classic basket of dark chocolate delights! We fill this woven basket with chocolate truffle filled eggs, a dark chocolate bunny, two tasty dark chocolate bars, and even a dark chocolate carrot. Ready-to-give, or send for Easter delivery, these baskets are perfect for treasure hunting, entertaining, gifting, and all-around celebrating!

Basket color is subject to change and contents may vary.

What You'll Get:

Product Story

There’s a lot that goes into creating a smile-inducing dark chocolate Easter basket. Our chocolatiers handcraft the chocolate bunny centerpiece from only the most delicious organic and fair trade certified chocolate. They fill all the eggs with scrumptious organic cream. Then, they carefully assemble and package each and every one so that you can send an Easter basket with confidence, knowing that it is beautifully wrapped and ready to delight. It’ll be instant joy in every box. Oh and be sure to check out the equally tasty milk chocolate Easter basket!

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