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Milk Chocolate Bar

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Milk Chocolate Bar

Milk Chocolate Bar

Snap off a square of pure milk chocolate, and rediscover the sweet magic you loved as a kid. Every bite melts just so - not too fast, not too slow. An indulgence you can feel good about sharing, made from all organic milk chocolate certified by Quality Assurance International. So go ahead, take the break you deserve. And taste the chocolate bar crafted for the kid in every one of us.

What You'll Get:

  • Total piece count: 1
  • 38% cocoa content organic milk chocolate
  • Bar is 2 34" wide, 5 34" long, and 38" thick
  • All ingredients certified USDA organic by QAI
Product Story

Get ready to indulge, restore, and repeat, and feel good about it. Your favorite milk chocolate bar is on a mission to change the world with every sweet bite — 1% of sales being donated to social and environmental sustainability initiatives. From clean water projects and educational programs for cacao farmers, to enhanced recycling projects and funding programs for the homeless, learn how this chocolate bar is as a force for good.

1% of sales get donated to non-profits for social and environmental sustainability