Cacao beans drying

Chocolate 101

Adding cacao nibs to the melangeur

You Say Cocoa, I Say Cacao

What is cacao? Discover the difference between the two terms, learn how to use cacao nibs, and finally understand what it means when a chocolate bar is labelled 70% cocoa.

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How Chocolate is Made

From harvest and fermenting, to conching and molding – learn the ins and outs of how the magic happens. After all, how can you call yourself a chocolate fanatic, if you don’t know how it’s made?

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drawing of cacao farmers harvesting their crop
a stack of gourmet chocolate bars

Keep it Fresh

For those rare moments when you don’t eat it right away, explore our tips and techniques for how to properly store your chocolate.

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Chocolate Facts

Did you know that chocolate grows on trees? Sounds too good to be true, right?! Indulge your inner chocolate lover by learning about cacao trees and other fun facts all about chocolate.

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A tree full of cocoa pods
blocks of gourmet chocolate bars

Let's Talk Chocolate

From semisweet to bittersweet and gianduja and ganache, there sure are a lot of different terms for chocolate. Explore what they all mean, and more.

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Is Chocolate Vegan?

Did you know that vegans can eat chocolate? Rejoice! Find out more about what vegan chocolate is, where you can find it, and get some awesome chocolate vegan recipes you can make at home!

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vegan chocolate bark