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Wedding Favors Your Guests Won’t Leave Behind

chocolate wedding buffet table

You can picture it perfectly. Your wedding will be extraordinary — filled with love, dancing, and good times with your closest friends and family. But at the end of your special day, how will you thank your guests for celebrating this new chapter in your life? Too often these tokens of appreciation get left behind or even thrown away the next morning. Give your loved ones a gift they will actually want — something incredibly decadent that is guaranteed to send them home with sweet nostalgia.

There are few opportunities in your life to celebrate something as momentous as your wedding. Don’t be the newlyweds who give the custom koozie, the various forms of bottle openers given at the last three weddings you attended, or the coasters featuring a staged picture of the happy couple smooching. Your family and friends love you, but they don’t need your name and face plastered all over trinkets that they probably won't use.

chocolate wedding favors

When given the chance to make your big day unforgettable and delicious, edible and personalized gourmet chocolate wedding favors are sure to be a smashing hit! Gifting scrumptious treats like chocolate truffles, chocolate hearts, or square favors from Lake Champlain Chocolates is money well spent and will give guests a feeling of sweet love even after they have left. Lake Champlain Chocolates add elegance and sophistication to your wedding. These delightfully tasty tokens of appreciation not only add a unique detail to your décor, but step up your favor game. Take that, personalized key chains!

If you are not going to include the favors as part of the table setting, be sure to put them where they are easily visible when people are exiting the reception. So what if guests still don’t take the favors with them? The best part about irresistible gourmet chocolates is that you can take what’s left with you and freeze them to treat yourself on occasion with something that reminds you of your special day. You could also bring them into work to share with co-workers for an office celebration post wedding. Realistically, who would pass up mouthwatering chocolate? But if given the choice, wouldn’t you rather be left with delicious chocolate truffles than 50 matching bottle openers?

If you decide to say thank you with wedding favors, be sure it is something your guests will want. Although wedding favors may seem like a very small part of your event, choosing a favor that reflects your style and the mood of your wedding is no easy task. In the end, go with something that leaves a lasting impression on your guest’s taste buds and in their hearts.

wedding table with chocolate truffles