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Chocolate Lover's Gift Guide

holiday boxes of gourmet chocolate

There are a lot of chocolate lovers in the world and chances are, you probably have one on your gift list. The options are endless— so aside from getting them their favorite chocolate, here is a gift guide to a few other fun ideas they might appreciate.

Chocolate the Consuming Passion book by Sandra Boyton
“Chocolate: The Consuming Passion”

Sandra Boynton’s new book is self-described as “A handbook for the truly obsessed.” Filled with useful and fun facts along with some vital “misinformation” — such as the Five Classic Chocolate Personality Profiles, Advice on Navigating your Relationship with Chocolate, and Essential Chocolate Cooking Techniques. We love this book so much we are giving it as a gift to some of our favorite chocolate lovers!

chocolate bar library
Classic Chocolate Bar Library

Speaking of books, this selection of 6 classic chocolate bars is perfect for the student of all things chocolate. The library boasts a salted caramel and a peppermint crunch plus favorites like creamy peanut butter and milk chocolate and straight milk and dark chocolate.

pot of chocolate fondue
Fondue Pot

Chocolate fondue. Do we really need to say more? Include our chocolate fondue recipe and a couple bars of extra dark chocolate as a bonus.

woodbury glass bowl
Woodbury Glass Bowl

We love keeping it in the family (i.e. Vermont) here at LCC. A selection of chocolate truffles or the new Jubilees would look beautiful in this Simon Pearce bowl. In fact, we use these same bowls in our stores to display our chocolates!

can of juxtaposition beer from Burlington Beer Company
Chocolate Infused Vermont Craft Beer

Burlington Beer Company's Juxtaposition pairs all of our favorite treats together - Vermont craft beer, locally roasted coffee, and chocolate! This refreshing blonde stout is brewed with roasted cocoa nibs and coffee beans roasted to perfection by Brio Coffee Works. Cheers!

chocolate of the month club
Chocolate of the Month Club

What more could a chocolate lover want than a box arriving at their doorstep each month with a new selection of amazing, irresistible, made-in-Vermont chocolates? Never the same chocolate twice and with 3, 6 or 9 month memberships, you can’t go wrong with this wonderful gift.