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72% Dark Chocolate Bar

72% Dark Chocolate Bar

Extra Dark Chocolate

Extra! Extra! You finally found it - and it's everything bittersweet chocolate should be. Deep and inviting, with enchanting notes of baked brownie, roasted cocoa, and dried fruit. At 72% cocoa content, this bar strikes a perfect balance of bitter and sweet for most palates. Just right for the seasoned dark chocolate lover, or as a first introduction to the world of higher-cocoa-content chocolate.

What You'll Get:

  • Total piece count: 1
  • 72% cocoa content organic dark chocolate
  • Bar is 2 34" wide, 5 34" long, and 38" thick
  • All contents vegan (may contain traces of milk, visit our FAQ page to learn more)
  • All ingredients certified USDA organic by QAI


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Love it!

It was delicious! Not too sweet but not super bitter either! Will definitely purchase again!

March 27, 2022


You can’t go wrong here

A great quality chocolate. And organic. Need I say more?

March 26, 2022


My Favorite Chocolate

I’ve sampled many chocolates and this is my absolute favorite!

December 2, 2021


The BEST 72% Chocolate!!!

I'm not going to lie, I have a chocolate addiction. I try every new dark 72% chocolate I can find, and I have to say that so far this is the best one I have purchased in the US. I have some European favorites, but this one could go head to head with any of them. when they say "notes of brownies" it really does taste like the best of brownies. You should try this chocolate, but buy more than one if you find them, my retailer is already out and I just noticed them as a new product a week ago!!! Yummy!!! Can't wait to try some truffles and other dark chocolate from this company. Great work Lake Champlain Chocolates!

August 23, 2018