Valentine Chocolate Truffles 5pc


Valentine's Day Chocolate Truffles
Everyone loves to open a gift of beautiful and edible valentines! So this year, send a gift sleeve of hand-decorated chocolate truffles to everyone who deserves a gourmet "thank you" - from teachers to customers, colleagues, and babysitters. Crafted in a variety of milk, dark, and white chocolate flavors, artisan chocolate truffles make Valentine's Day special for all, from sweethearts to grandkids!

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4.3 oz

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What You'll Get

5 Assorted Milk, Dark, and White Chocolate Truffles
Hazelnut: buttery-rich and heavenly hazelnut — nature must have made it for chocolate
French Roast: rich, warm, dark-roasted coffee, the perfect partner to our velvet-smooth ganache
Legendary Dark: the classic, a 54%-cocoa truffle that will please the chocolate purist in you
All Milk: pure indulgence, just the way you remember it — who says you have to be a kid?
White Raspberry: a taste of summer — chocolate-raspberry ganache in delicate white chocolate

Star D Kosher

Product Story

hand-decorating truffles

Your love is extraordinary, and your chocolates should be too. By blending the best of Vermont with rich chocolate we create velvety-smooth truffles, hand decorate each one, and then carefully package them, so that you can gift your loved one gourmet Valentine truffles of incomparable taste and beauty.

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