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Chocolate Caramel Five Star Bar®

Chocolate Caramel Five Star Bar®


“The ultimate chocolate bar” — Vogue

Experience a chocolate caramel bar like no other! Rich caramel is infused with our 72% organic dark chocolate, then mixed with gently roasted cacao nibs and chunks of even more dark chocolate. Finally, this delectably thick center is coated with our signature 54% cocoa content dark chocolate. For anyone who loves caramel and chocolate, this is the ultimate candy bar!

What You'll Get:

  • Total piece count: 1
  • Covered in 54% cocoa content dark chocolate
  • Bar is 1 12" wide, 2 12" long, and 1" thick
  • Made with Fair Trade Certified™ ingredients

Product Story

An outstanding confection is worth waiting for — that's why this is only the sixth Five Star Bar® we've created since 1989. And this chocolate bar is something special, from its chocolate-infused caramel and chunks of dark chocolate to its roasted nibs. The result is sweet, luscious, salty, crunchy, and totally satisfying — we think you'll agree, this bar has earned its stars!

cut Chocolate Caramel Five Star Bar


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Chocolate caramel with nibs

This is my absolute favorite chocolate thing in the world. Definitely "heaven on earth" as the other reviewer said. I buy a dozen and TRY to spread them out over many months. Unfortunately, I have neighbors addicted also, so they go fast!

February 16, 2022


The Ultimate Caramel Chocolate Bar

Indulging in the bar is heaven on earth. I savour every bite and take tiny bites and let them dissolve so I can get the full effect of each morsel and make it last longer!

July 19, 2020