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Blake Hill Botanical Jam Mini Gift Box

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Blake Hill Botanical Jam Mini Gift Box

Jam Sampler

A Vermont-made Botanical Jam Sampler featuring 8 mini jars packaged in a custom gift box, an elegant and sweet hostess gift! Crafted in Vermont by the award-winning Blake Hill Preserves, flavors are inspired by wild edible flowers like roses, bergamot, and elderflowers combined with bright fruit flavors. Make the ultimate charcuterie board with these delicious, infused preserves, your favorite cheese, and some gourmet chocolate!

What You'll Get:

  • Total piece count: 1 gift box with eight mini glass jars of jam
  • 1.5oz jar Strawberry with Wild Rose jam
  • 1.5oz jar Black Currant with Wild Mint jam
  • 1.5oz jar Orange Lime & Ginger Marmalade
  • 1.5oz jar Blueberry with Lavender jam
  • 1.5oz jar Rhubarb with Dandelion & Honey jam
  • 1.5oz jar Raspberry with Hibiscus preserves
  • 1.5oz jar Gooseberry with Elderflower jam
  • 1.5oz jar Raspberry with Wild Bergamot jam
  • Packaged in a green gift box
  • Vegan Friendly
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