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Dark Chocolate Covered Orange Peels

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Dark Chocolate Covered Orange Peels

Chocolate Covered Orange Peels

Bite into a delicate chocolate dipped orange peel - for a refreshing taste of citrus covered in smooth dark chocolate. Fresh Valencia orange peels are sliced, then candied to sweet perfection. Next, they're cooled and dipped in dark chocolate for a truly mouthwatering result. From start to finish, it takes four days to craft these chocolate covered orange peels. And one taste to know that it's worth every minute!

What You'll Get:

  • Total piece count: approximately 25
  • 54% cocoa content dark chocolate
  • Packaged in a custom ballotin box with a green and brown ribbon
  • Vegan (visit our FAQ page to learn more)
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Product Story

Handcrafting these extraordinary dark chocolate covered orange peels is a true labor of love and no one does it better than our resident candied orange peel expert – Byron. He preps and peels fresh Valencia oranges and then slow-cooks them for almost 3 hours. Once the orange peels have been perfectly candied they are cooled, sliced into strips, and then dried to remove any excess moisture. Then the grand finale comes as the candied citrus peels pass through our chocolate waterfall to get coated in fair trade dark chocolate. Byron has been perfecting this technique over the past 15 years, and boy can you taste the difference!