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Temptations Trio

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Temptations Trio

Gourmet Chocolate Gift Box

Three elegant gift boxes, three chocolate superstars - brought together in sweet, delicious harmony! One chocolate gift box holds fresh-cut orange peels, candied and dipped in dark chocolate for a fruity-sweet and gourmet delight. A second gift box is filled with rich, creamy sea salt caramels, covered in semi-sweet dark chocolate and sprinkled with fine sea salt. And third (but far from last!), our peanut butter chocolates are handmade with thick, velvety peanut butter nestled between layers of smooth milk chocolate. The Temptations Trio - with three chocolate superstars, it's a gift supreme.

What You'll Get:

Product Story

What's better than receiving a box of gourmet chocolates, how about three luxury chocolate gift boxes featuring a beautiful collection of our most popular handmade chocolates. Each one is handcrafted in Vermont from only the best ingredients and fair trade certified chocolate. And because this gift arrives in one shipment, your lucky recipient doesn't have to wait a month to taste the next gourmet chocolate gift.

dark chocolate dipped orange rind