Chocolate Caramel Five Star Bar®


“The ultimate chocolate bar” — Vogue
Experience a chocolate caramel bar like no other — in our newest and sixth Five Star Bar® ! Rich caramel is infused with organic dark chocolate, then mixed with gently roasted cacao nibs and chunks of even more dark chocolate. Finally, this delectably thick center is coated with our signature 54% cocoa content dark chocolate. For anyone who loves caramel and chocolate, this is the ultimate candy bar!

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2 oz
What You'll Get

2 oz Chocolate Caramel Five Star Bar®
• 2 12" long x 1 12" wide x 1" tall


Fair Trade Certified

Star D Kosher

Product Story

cut Chocolate Caramel Five Star Bar

An outstanding confection is worth waiting for - that's why this is only the sixth Five Star Bar® we've created since 1989. And this chocolate bar is something special, from its chocolate-infused caramel and chunks of dark chocolate to its roasted nibs. The result is sweet, luscious, salty, crunchy, and totally satisfying - we think you'll agree, this bar has earned its stars!

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