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Annual Impact Report

Dare to do better. That’s our mantra. As a second-generation, Vermont family company, born from a dare to do better, we’re rooted in our vision to change the world one delicious chocolate at a time.

This past year, we took our dare to do better to a whole new level by legally becoming a Benefit Corporation. While we were already a certified B Corporation®, dedicated to using business as a force for good, our new legal status ensures that our social and environmental performance is forever a part of Lake Champlain Chocolates.

Our annual impact report highlights just a few of the sustainability initiatives we are tackling. While this report only covers results from the past 12 months, it is a strategic work in progress that has been many years in the making. It has involved implementing company-wide tracking of our emissions, waste, and utility usage. Employee-led suggestions help shape many of our projects and initiatives. Growth allows us to strengthen what we already do, and improve our community and company, while finding new ways to reduce our environmental impact.

Throughout this process, we’ve also discovered areas for improvement, areas where we can and will dare ourselves to do better. We look forward to having you join us on this mission!

group of Lake Champlain Chocolates employees in front of the lake

Highlights from our 2023 Impact Report:

  • We formalized our commitment to social and environmental sustainability forever, by becoming a Benefit Corporation.
  • Employees cleaned up our community during our first company-wide volunteer day.
  • The launch of our Plant-Based Truffle Bars offers an on-trend indulgence with a cleaner label and reduced environmental impact.
  • Our reuse program was expanded and saw an overwhelming reduction in waste generation.
  • On a trip to the Ivory Coast, team members experienced the difference fair trade initiatives can make in building stronger farming communities.
  • With our newly redesigned Signature Bar line, we are proud to be donating 1% of sales to Project Tocache and bring clean water to cacao farmers in Peru!

Take a look at what we've been up to this last year:

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