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Peanut Five Star Bar®

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Peanut Five Star Bar®


"The ultimate chocolate bar" — Vogue

Unwrap a Peanut Five Star Bar® , and taste a mouth-pleasing mix of peanuts and crisped rice in all-natural peanut butter - wrapped in 34% cocoa content milk chocolate. You can bite right in, or cut and share with a friend. However you enjoy it, you'll find a perfect balance of crispy, crunchy, smooth, and nutty in this must-try chocolate bar. As featured in Steve Almond's book, Candyfreak — yes, these are the ones!

What You'll Get:

  • Total piece count: 1
  • Covered in 34% cocoa content milk chocolate
  • Bar is 1 12" wide, 2 12" long, and 1" thick
  • Made with Fair Trade Certified™ ingredients
Product Story

It takes a lot to become a part of our best-selling Five Star Bar® chocolate bar line. Call us picky, but only six bars have earned their coveted Five Stars. A creamy center, loaded with extra crunch, and then topped with rich, fair trade chocolate, give these bars a BIG impact. Each bar is handcrafted in small batches to ensure that it exceeds your expectations. After all, you deserve a #fivestarmoment.

stack of Five Star Bars