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Passion for Perfection

In pursuit of extraordinary chocolate moments®

Uncompromised Quality

Gourmet chocolate made the Vermont way—infusing passion and craftsmanship with fresh cream from the local dairy, honey straight from the hive, and maple syrup from our next-door neighbor. Sourcing only the highest quality non-GMO, organic, and fair trade certified ingredients (whenever possible), and never adding preservatives, extenders, or additives. Because exceptional flavor starts with extraordinary ingredients – and Vermont is the place to find them.

Handcrafting Chocolate
Irresistibly delicious dark chocolate almond caramel clusters

Mouthwatering Results

Discover the exceptional pleasures of irresistibly smooth chocolate truffles, handcrafted nut clusters filled with golden caramel, or the awe-inspiring sensation of our legendary Five Star Bars®. One taste and you will understand what makes these chocolates extraordinary.

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Sustainably Sourced

As a certified B Corporation®, crafting extraordinary chocolate extends beyond the careful craftsmanship and passion that we put into each confection. It’s about using the finest ingredients, sustainably sourced from local partners and the quality relationships we are building within our community.

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Fair trade cocoa farmer and child

Fair Trade Certified

Go ahead and indulge that sweet tooth, and feel good knowing that every delicious bite of fair trade chocolate is helping to make a difference in the lives of cocoa farmers around world.

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Committed to Kosher

Quality matters. For us and for you. Since 1999, we've been dedicated to crafting extraordinary kosher chocolates. This third-party certification gives you the added satisfaction of knowing that your chocolates were made using only the best ingredients possible.

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Slow Down and Taste the Chocolate

45 seconds is all it takes to taste. Learn how to slow down and savor the extraordinary chocolate moment with our guide to tasting. Then put your senses to the test as you explore the nuances to pairing chocolate with wine, cheese, and beer.

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