Holiday Chocolate Assortment 30pc


Gourmet Holiday Chocolate Gifts
Wondering what kind of chocolates to give friends, colleagues, and family? Here's the perfect chocolate holiday gift: a generous assortment designed with something for every taste. So whether it's for a gourmet truffle lover, a praline person, a fan of chocolate caramel (or all of the above) - this selection delivers just the holiday chocolates they want, in a festive gift box made for sharing.

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What You'll Get

30 Assorted Milk, Dark, and White Chocolates
• 1 70% Dark Chocolate Truffle: extra dark and smooth, with an intense cocoa flavor and elegant finish
• 1 All Milk Truffle: pure indulgence, just the way you remember it. Who says you have to be a kid?
• 1 Cappuccino Truffle: luxurious milk-chocolate ganache infused with Colombian coffee and cinnamon
• 1 French Roast Truffle: rich, dark-roasted coffee, the perfect partner to our velvet-smooth ganache
• 1 Grande Valencia Truffle: a truffle that captures the essence of orange and dark chocolate
• 1 Hazelnut Truffle: buttery-rich and heavenly hazelnut — nature must have made it for chocolate
• 1 Legendary Dark Truffle: our classic 54%-cocoa truffle, guaranteed to please the chocolate purist
• 1 Raspberry Truffle: a feast for your palate — ripe, luscious raspberry enveloped in dark chocolate
• 1 Vanilla Malt Truffle: opens with notes of vibrant vanilla giving way to a sublime malt finish
• 1 White Raspberry Truffles: a taste of summer — dark raspberry ganache in delicate white chocolate
• 2 Evergreen Mint: a perfect balance of cool peppermint crunch and luscious dark chocolate
• 2 Green Mountain: a mouth-pleasing mix of almonds, currants, and smooth milk chocolate
• 2 Maple Crunch: pure maple syrup in a classic toffee center, drenched in 54% dark chocolate
• 2 Honey Caramel: golden honey in creamy caramel, drenched in rich 54% dark chocolate
• 2 Cherry Cream Sensations: a dark chocolate shell filled with a delicious cherry chocolate cream
• 2 Orange Cream Leaves: a dark chocolate shell filled with a refreshing orange chocolate cream
• 2 Raspberry Cream Sensations: a dark chocolate shell filled with a fruity raspberry chocolate cream
• 2 Hazelnut Praline Flowers: hazelnut paste with finely crushed butter biscuits in a milk chocolate shell
• 2 Peanut Butter Sensations: a milk chocolate shell filled with a creamy center of all-natural peanut butter
• 2 Peanut Butter Chocolates: velvety peanut butter nestled between layers of 34% milk chocolate
• Holiday gift box is tied with a red ribbon

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Product Story

plate of holiday chocolates

Experience the magic of holidays in Vermont with a gift-boxed selection of our most popular holiday confections. Carefully crafted with joy, fresh, local ingredients and fair trade certified chocolate. This 30-piece Holiday Chocolate Assortment is great as a hostess gift for holiday parties, or as a gift for Christmas and holiday birthdays.

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