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Hanukkah Dark Chocolate Coins Gift Bag

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Hanukkah Dark Chocolate Coins Gift Bag

Chocolate Gelt

Celebrate Hanukkah with a Menorah-decorated gift bag of dark chocolate gelt. With 20 pieces to a bag, these Hanukkah chocolate coins are perfect for handing out to lucky recipients, surprising your host with a traditional gift, playing dreidel, or just filling a candy dish for sharing. Individually wrapped in gold foil, made in Vermont, certified kosher - and guaranteed to delight!

What You'll Get:

  • Total piece count: approximately 23
  • 57% cocoa content organic dark chocolate
  • Each coin is 138" diameter and 14" thick
  • Packaged in a festive Hanukkah-themed bag
  • Vegan friendly (visit our FAQ page to learn more)
  • All ingredients certified USDA organic by QAI
Product Story

The Hanukkah tradition of giving gelt dates back hundreds of years, as a symbol of money used to teach children about wealth and charity. Take your Jewish holiday celebration to the next level with a bag of gourmet gold chocolate coins — crafted in Vermont from only the best kosher, organic, and fair trade chocolate. Whether you pass them out as gifts or use them to play a game of dreidel, this vegan-friendly, gourmet chocolate gelt is perfect for children, grandparents, and everyone in between. With Hanukkah chocolates this delicious, your celebration is sure to be extraordinary!

chocolate gelt in gold foil