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Fair Trade Chocolate


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A World of Difference

Making great-tasting chocolate is hard work. We believe that every person in this process should be treated and compensated fairly and that our actions should make a positive impact on our local and global communities.  With fair trade chocolate premiums, more money goes back to the farmers to help with community development.  Go ahead and indulge your sweet tooth and feel good knowing that 100% of the chocolate we use is fair trade certified.
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Guiding Principles

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As a second-generation, family-owned Vermont company, that sources ingredients from around the world, we recognize that the choices we make affect people, our products, and our planet.  We are dedicated to continuous improvement – which means increasing transparency in our supply chain, and being committed to purchasing, non-GMO, organic, and fair trade ingredients whenever possible. Because, better ingredients make better chocolate, and you deserve only the best.

Fair for Life

As a socially-responsible company, we are proud to have earned Fair for Life - Social & Fair Trade Certification. Fair for Life is a rigorous third-party certification for social accountability and fair trade. What does this mean? Above and beyond fair trade certification, it looks at a company’s practices as a whole, including the ingredients used in its products.


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As a customer, you can feel good knowing this certification affirms the following:

• A price premium is paid to the cocoa farmers and co-ops. 
• Certified products originate from fair trade producer operations. 
• LCC is engaged in long-term partnerships and socially responsible trading practices with its suppliers/purveyors. 
• LCC respects the labor rights of its own employees, providing good working conditions. 
• LCC is a good community citizen and practices environmental responsibility.   


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Certified Products

In a world full of claims, it can often be confusing to understand the difference between them all. Third-party certifications, like Fair for Life and Fair Trade USA ensure that the products go through a rigorous certification process to ensure that the ingredients they use are fair for all. So, if you want a better chocolate that helps make a difference in the world look for these two icons when buying fair trade chocolate.


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