Vegan Chocolate Truffle 16pc Collection


Vegan Dark Chocolate Truffles
Rich and decadent chocolate truffles made with plant-based coconut milk — a vegan-friendly treat to indulge your cravings. This 16 piece gift box includes two luscious flavors: bright, red raspberry and luscious dark chocolate. Soothe your soul with these non-dairy, sustainably produced vegan truffles.

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6 oz

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What You'll Get

• Total piece count: 16
• 8 Dark chocolate truffles
• 8 Dark chocolate raspberry truffles
• 54% cocoa content dark chocolate
• Made with organic coconut cream
• Vegan friendly (visit our FAQ page to learn more)
• Packaged in a pink gift box

Star D Kosher

Product Story

As a certified B Corporation® we’re on a mission to create extraordinary chocolates that benefit people and the planet! These sensational vegan truffles do just that. By taking our iconic chocolate truffle recipe and swapping the local cream for a dairy-free, plant-based alternative, like coconut milk, we’re able to create an extraordinary vegan truffle collection that uses less of our natural resources (water and land) and produces less carbon and methane emissions! Are you ready to choose vegan chocolates and let chocolate change your world?

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    Vegan Chocolate Truffle 16pc Collection
    Exquisite--I wish it weren't "limited edition"--both this 16-piece box and the smaller box should be regulars! Both flavors taste like dairy and not like coconut, which is great, even though I like coconut. The raspberry aroma really shines.

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