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Factory Seconds Peanut Butter Leaves

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Factory Seconds Peanut Butter Leaves

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Delightful chocolate leaves wrapped in elegant autumn color foils are perfect for stocking your pantry and treating yourself. We made too many so now you get to enjoy sweet savings on your favorite fall flavor - milk chocolate filled with smooth peanut butter! The Big Summer Chocolate Sale won't last long, and neither will these tasty chocolate leaves, so hurry!

*These factory seconds chocolates are bloomed, which means the fat solids have migrated to the surface of the chocolate affecting it's appearance. They do not meet our high visual standards but are still perfectly delicious to eat or use in baking, cooking, or drinking.

ALL SALES ARE FINAL. No returns, refunds or exchanges of this product. Product must ship before 07/22/24. Please choose an arrival date at checkout. Best enjoyed within two weeks of purchase.

What You'll Get:

  • 1 pound of foil wrapped Peanut Butter Leaves
  • Each leaf is 1 12" tall, 1 38" wide, and 12" thick
  • Packaged in a white paper bag
  • To qualify for the buy one, get one free sale, add 2 leaf bags to your cart.

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