Mixed Bulk Chocolates of Vermont 80pc


Vermont Chocolate - Bulk Chocolates of Vermont
What exactly makes them Chocolates of Vermont? All-natural Vermont ingredients like pure maple syrup, fresh cream, and local honey. Custom designs that bring you the beauty of our seasons—sugar maple leaves, a beehive with wildflowers, a moonlit lake and a majestic mountain. And of course, they’re also made right here in Vermont. With each delicious chocolate wrapped in embossed foil, this assortment makes an impressive (and quickly devoured) favor for your wedding, party, or corporate event.

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2.5 lbs
What You'll Get

• Total piece count: approximately 80
Honey Caramel: 54% cocoa content dark chocolate filled with golden honey in creamy caramel (yellow-gold foil)
Green Mountain: 34% cocoa content milk chocolate with almonds & currants (burgundy foil)
Maple Crunch: 54% cocoa content dark chocolate filled with buttercrunch infused with maple syrup (copper foil)
Evergreen Mint: 54% cocoa content dark chocolate with peppermint crunch (white-gold foil)
• Amount of each flavor may not be evenly distributed

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