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Maple Crunch 80pc

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Maple Crunch 80pc

Vermont Chocolate Maple Toffee Candy

A best-seller at Lake Champlain Chocolates for nearly 35 years, Maple Crunch blends the iconic flavor of real Vermont maple syrup with a crisp, golden buttercrunch center — cooked in small batches, poured onto cooling tables, then hand-cut and drenched in pure dark chocolate. Custom-designed with a pattern of sugar maple leaves and wrapped in copper foil, each Maple Crunch is a piece of edible art that’s bound to make an elegant (and quickly devoured) favor for your wedding, party, or corporate event.

What You'll Get:

  • Total piece count: approximately 80
  • 57% cocoa content dark chocolate filled with buttercrunch infused with maple syrup
  • Each piece is 114" diameter and 12" thick
  • Individually wrapped in copper foil
Product Story

Making our iconic Vermont maple toffee candy requires creativity, craftsmanship, and patience. Our chocolatiers start with the freshest local ingredients, like Vermont butter and maple syrup from the next-door neighbor, and slow cook them in a large copper kettle until golden brown. The maple candy toffee mixture is then poured onto a large cooling table and cut into bite-sized pieces. Special hand-carved maple leaf molds are filled with dark chocolate and the Vermont maple candy is tucked inside. Each piece is a true work of art, wrapped to perfection in Italian embossed foil. It’s no wonder these legendary chocolates have been a local favorite for over 35 years!