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How Is Maple Syrup Made  View Product Image

March 16, 2022

How is Maple Syrup Made?

Did you know that real maple syrup begins as sap collected from sugar maple trees? Living in Vermont, the maple syrup capital of the country, we are fanatical about this versitile treat. Learn how maple syrup, which starts off mostly as water, becomes the delicious syrup you love to enjoy on your pancakes.

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Simple Easter Egg Nests Recipe View Product Image

March 3, 2022

Making Fun & Easy Easter Egg Nests

No-bake, coconut Easter egg nests are a fun and easy activity for kids! Tasty and filled with chocolate eggs, these edible nests won't last long! 

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What to Put in Your Kid's Easter Basket  View Product Image

February 25, 2022

What to Put in Your Kid's Easter Basket

Every year is a struggle to create the perfect kids Easter basket. Whether you are looking to fill an Easter Basket for the young, or young at heart, we’ve compiled some great ideas for what to put in your kids Easter Baskets.

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Adult Easter Egg Hunt Ideas View Product Image

February 25, 2022

9 Amazing Easter Egg Hunt Ideas for Adults!

When it comes to Easter, why should the kids get to have all the fun?! We’ve got just what you need to host the best adult Easter egg hunt. Not only do we share some fun activities, but our party professionals have compiled a list of ideas on how to host the ultimate Easter celebration. 

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Fun & Easy Easter Bunny Craft Ideas View Product Image

February 25, 2022

Best DIY Easter Bunny Crafts for Kids

Easter is such an exciting time of year. The days get warmer and longer, the flowers begin to bloom, and the sweet signs of spring start to fill the air. Celebrate the season by making these fun and easy Easter bunny cards with your kids or grandkids.

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DIY Valentines Cards (Easy & Printable!)  View Product Image

January 3, 2022

DIY Valentine's (Easy & Fun Homemade Cards!)

Making these DIY Valentine’s cards with chocolate is fun and easy. Choose from two different design ideas: our trendy DIY emoji Valentine’s card or our cute homemade penguin valentine cards. Because nothing says, “I’m sweet on you,” quite like gourmet chocolate hearts from Lake Champlain Chocolates.

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