Fruit & Nut Five Star Bar®


"The ultimate chocolate bar" — Vogue
Experience the Five Star Bar® made for lovers of fruits and nuts. Sweet raisins, tart cherries, fresh pecans, and dark chocolate in smooth gianduja, wrapped in 54% cocoa content dark chocolate. You can bite right in, or cut and share with a friend. However you enjoy it, you'll find a mouth-pleasing mix of crunchy, chewy, sweet, and savory. As featured in Steve Almond's book, Candyfreak — yes, these are the ones!

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1.9 oz
What You'll Get

• Total piece count: 1
• Covered in 54% cocoa content dark chocolate
• Bar is 1 12" wide, 2 12" long, and 1" thick
• Made with Fair Trade Certified™ ingredients

Fair Trade USA certified ingredients

Star D Kosher

Product Story

enrobing Five Star Bars in dark chocolate

Creating a new Five Star Bar® takes serious dedication, hard work, and craftsmanship. It starts with sourcing only the highest quality ingredients — hand-mixing raisins, cherries, and pecans to make sure the bar is loaded with flavor — and then carefully wrapping each one in rich chocolate. The results are something truly extraordinary – a bar that has truly earned its stars.

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