Autumn Chocolates of Vermont


Thanksgiving Chocolate Gifts
Taste the sweet bounty of the season, in this autumn-themed gift box of chocolates crafted from Vermont ingredients like real maple syrup, fresh cream, and local honey. It's a special touch for your Thanksgiving celebrations, and a thoughtful gift all season long. Four elegant designs celebrate the beauty of Vermont - from its famed sugar maples to a beehive with wildflowers, a moonlit lake, and a majestic mountain.

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7.6 oz
What You'll Get

16 Assorted Chocolates of Vermont

• 4 Honey Caramel: golden honey in creamy caramel, drenched in 54% dark chocolate (yellow-gold foil)
• 4 Green Mountain: a mouth-pleasing mix of almonds and currants in 34% milk chocolate (burgundy foil)
• 4 Maple Crunch: buttercrunch infused with maple syrup, covered in 54% dark chocolate (copper foil)
• 4 Evergreen Mint: a perfect balance of cool peppermint crunch and 54% dark chocolate (white-gold foil)
• Autumn-themed gift box tied with an orange ribbon

Star D Kosher

Product Story

cow grazing in Vermont fields

Autumn in Vermont is legendary, and so are these chocolates. Take a culinary journey to a place where fresh, local ingredients and craftsmanship combine to create an unforgettable experience. Delight in the elegant designs — hand-carved by a local jeweler — that embrace the rich pure tastes and memorable moods of Vermont.

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