Bar 35 - Limited Edition


Gourmet Candy Bar with Pretzels
Excite your senses with the rich, soulful rhythm of golden caramel and smooth peanut butter, while staccatos of salted pretzel liven the beat! This irresistible, limited edition Five Star Bar® was inspired by two of our most popular flavors - the Caramel Five Star Bar® and Peanut Five Star Bar®. Enjoy sweet, salty, nutty, gooey, and crunchy (all covered in gourmet milk chocolate) with every bite!

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1.9 oz

SOLD OUT! This product is out of stock for the season. Please call 1-800-465-5909 if you have any questions.

What You'll Get

1.9 oz Bar 35
• 2 12" long x 1 12" wide x 1" tall

Product Story

We are celebrating a limited-edition run of Bar 35 by giving away a tote bag filled with Lake Champlain Chocolates goodies, valued at $300. Find out how you can enter our Sweetest Hits Sweepstakes!

Created for the 2018 Burlington Discover Jazz Festival, Bar 35 was inspired by the 35th anniversary of both the Jazz Fest and Lake Champlain Chocolates, hence the Bar 35 name. In creating this new Five Star Bar®, we played on combining classic flavors from your childhood with a grown-up twist all packed into one bar. When you bite into Bar 35 you will find sweet milk chocolate surrounding a gooey peanut butter and caramel center with a surprising crunch of salted pretzel pieces. This gourmet candy bar was so popular it was sold out in record time! Like other Jazz Fest bars, it would have been retired to our hall of fame, but it was too good so we brought it back for a limited time.

Bar 35 inside

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