New Year! New Bars!

four new organic chocolate bars

Yes, that’s right. We are ringing in 2017 in style with four amazingly delicious new organic chocolate bars. With the addition of boozey caramel, tart and crunchy raspberries, spicy and sweet honey, and cacao nibs and bold coffee, you are sure to find a new favorite.

And every Saturday in January from 12-4pm, we will be celebrating and sampling these new bars with free tasting events at our Factory Store on Pine Street, along with some of our good friends and collaborators including Blue Bandana Chocolate Maker, Heavenly Honey Apiary, Mad River Distillers, and Citizen Cider.

How did we come up with these new flavors? We asked our Research & Development guru, Peter, to give us the real scoop on how these bars came to be.

January 7

Moka Fleck featuring Blue Bandana Chocolate Maker

Discover our new organic Moka Fleck bar

Coffee and chocolate are a classic pairing, hence mochaccinos, mocha ice cream, and cappuccino truffles. But how does it work in a chocolate bar? Moka Fleck achieves the fresh, roasted notes of coffee without the bitterness, and when blended with a milk dark chocolate, the coffee flavor is even further enhanced. Then there are the cacao nibs... crunchy with a slightly nutty taste; giving the bar an extra burst of roasty chocolate and an unexpected but delightful texture— hence the “fleck” in the name.

January 14

It’s Hot, Honey featuring Heavenly Honey Apiary

New spicy honey organic chocolate bar

Have you heard? Honey is hot. Honey, honey is hot. This spicy combo came about from loving our local Vermont honey (which we’ve been using in our products since 1983!). While honey is a unique flavor on its own, we realized it’s also the perfect way for complementary flavors to hitch a sweet ride. We became obsessed with trying different spices to put just the right sting in the honey bee before settling on the habanero. Then we looked for the perfect chocolate to soften the spicy habanero, so when you eat it an interesting cyclical phenomenon happens: pop a piece into your mouth, let it melt a bit, then at the end of the bite your mouth starts to warm up with that spice and you look to take another bite to quench that warming sensation, which it does, and so the cycle continues. Hey, where’d that bar go? See what the buzz is about with Heavenly Honey Apiary, who produces some of Vermont’s purest raw honey, and plentiful samples of the new “hot honey” bar.

January 21

Bourbon Caramel featuring Mad River Distillers

New VT bourbon-infused caramel bar

Bourbon is warming, intriguing, and maybe even inspiring. And it tastes really good in caramel, in pockets of dark-milk chocolate. But not just any bourbon. We tried a number of bourbons before we found one that worked best, and that’s not just because we wanted to drink (I mean taste) all these different bourbons, some really did taste better than others. Mad River Distiller’s Bourbon tasted great in our handmade, copper- cooked caramel. Purely for research purposes though, we still made dozens of samples and they just tasted better every time. Think a cocktail in solid form that is full of brown buttery, creamy, cocoa-y, bourbon-y goodness. Mad River Distillers will join us sampling and selling their bourbon to support the launch of the Bourbon Caramel bar. Just try to think of something better than samples of craft bourbon next to samples of our new bourbon caramel bar. Did we mention free samples of bourbon?

January 28

Raspberries & Dark Chocolate featuring Citizen Cider

New organic raspberries and dark chocolate bar

Raspberry and chocolate is a timeless classic. So what makes this so special? Drupelet. What? No, we did not make up that word (although we wish we did). A drupelet is when the fruit surrounds a seed. A raspberry is made up of dozens of drupelets all connected to create the recognizable shape of a raspberry. Ok, but back to the chocolate bar. We choose a freeze-dried drupelet of a raspberry to give us the most robust, real burst of fresh raspberry flavor possible, which pairs really nicely with the slightly sour red fruit and baked brownie notes of our organic dark chocolate. You know what else it pairs well with? Citizen Cider’s Northern Spy. Lucky for you, Citizen Cider will be at our store selling and sampling Northern Spy, its bright and acidic profile with a touch of sweetness is a perfect complement to the Raspberry & Chocolate bar. Valentine’s Day gift anyone?

Come to one Saturday tasting or come to them all, either way, these new bars are not to be missed!

You can always purchase the bars at LCC’s three retail stores, Pine Street and Church Street in Burlington and on Route 100 in Waterbury, online or at your local specialty or natural food market.

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