Holiday Traditions at Lake Champlain Chocolates

hot chocolate and gourmet chocolate in front of the Christmas tree

The holiday season is fast upon us. And, like every year, it brings with it a flurry of things needing to be done, from the calendar filled with school concerts and parties to the list of year-end to dos and last minute shopping. This all-encompassing hustle and bustle of December activities often makes us lose sight of what the holidays are really about - spending quality time with our family and friends.

Whether you trim the tree, light the menorah, indulge in the feast of the seven fishes, or spin the dreidel for chocolate gelt, the holidays are a time to embrace tradition. Our busy chocolate elves, took a minute from crafting, packaging and shipping irresistibly delicious gourmet chocolate to share some of their fondest holiday traditions.

a chilly winter morning on Lake Champlain

"The holidays always seem to bring anticipation for snow, but for some of us, we revel in the anticipation for great ice on ponds! A group of childhood and family friends of all ages (what used to be kids and parents, is now grandparents, adults, and youngsters!) used to eagerly await the phone tree signaling the ice is nice. The sounds of clapping hockey sticks, voices, and skates cutting through ice echo through the little valley. There are hot dogs on a stick and grilled cheese mountain pies in the fire; thermoses of hot cocoa and pieces of now cold, hard chocolate passed out before putting them in your mouth to suck on and melt real slowly. Nothing beats an afternoon pond skate." - Eric

Craft cocktails by the fire on Christmas

"Each year I look forward to enjoying cocktails amongst a rip-roaring campfire outside at my Mom’s, being surrounded by family, under the stars, and listening to music. It’s the best!" - Christie

baking holiday cookies

"The annual cookie bake always signals the official start of the holidays. My grandmother has index cards for each of the cousins and their spouses that list everyone's favorite cookies. We spend the day baking 15-20 different kinds of holiday cookies, listening to Christmas music and stories from when my grandmother was a little girl." - Jackie

decorating gingerbread houses every year

"One of my favorite activities of the year is when we gather the next generation of chocolate fanatics for our holiday gingerbread house decorating." - Meri

Christmas lights on Church Street

"I always love walking around Church Street in December—it is so beautiful with the holiday lights—and stopping at the Church Street store to get hot chocolate! Also, on Christmas morning my mom always makes a baked French toast with apples and cream cheese and it is the best! - Lia

holiday nutcracker house decoration

"Every year we have an ugly sweater and best appetizer party with friends/neighbors. Each family brings their favorite appetizer (which supplies the party food) with recipe for distribution and wears their ugliest holiday sweater. Everyone judges and writes their favorite on a slip of paper anonymously for both best appetizer and ugliest sweater. Prize for best appetizer is a nice bottle of wine. Prize for ugliest sweater is an almost life size nut cracker soldier to be placed on their doorstep for the holiday season. Each year the winner signs the nut cracker before returning it for the next year’s judging. It’s become a big deal to be awarded the nutcracker in order to proudly display it at your home for the holidays!" - Laura

Holiday village with Polar Express train

"Our family sets up the Christmas Village scene and Polar Express Train– then the fighting over the train controller ensues!" - Jason

Santa 5K on Church St

"Nothing says Christmas quite like running the Santa 5K with my son, and about 1,000 other Santas!" - Meghan

This holiday season, don't stress over expensive gifts and tiny details. Spend your time sharing joy, laughter, and good food with family and friends. Make this holiday unforgettable by embracing traditions, whether it is staying true to a ritual that has been passed down through the generations or starting a new one. Do you have a unique holiday tradition? Share it with us @LCChocolates and #IloveLCC!

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