Bee...Well! LCC’s 7 Easy Steps to Wellness

Bee Well coporate wellness logo for Lake Champlain Chocolates

In honor of National Honey Month, we would like to celebrate all things honey and bees. Bees have always been an integral part of Lake Champlain Chocolate history. Not only do we use golden, Vermont honey to craft our delectable Honey Caramels and Caramel Five Star Bars. But, bees are also the mascot for our Bee...Well corporate wellness program. Over the past year, with the help from the Blue Cross Blue Shield Accountable Blue Program, we have been able to develop a more comprehensive program, while at the same time integrating the program into the core of our Vermont business workplace culture.

Our mission, for our Bee…Well program, is to enable and support our fellow LCC employees to live their best lives – doing so through education, resources, and community events. In order to do so, we created seven principles or steps to follow for a happier, healthier life:

1. Bee Healthy

Bee-ing healthy with fresh fruits and snacks

The age-old saying of "an apple a day keeps the doctor away" still rings true. The first principle involves having the ability to recognize that our behaviors have a direct impact on our wellness. Bee-ing healthy starts with adopting healthy habits, such as each fresh fruits and vegetables. (This can be hard, especially when there seems to be a magical plate of chocolate truffles on the break room table that refills itself every morning.)

2. Bee Connected

LCC company bowling party
Bee-ing connected with a bowling and laser tag party

To bee connected we must have the ability to create and maintain positive relationships with family, friends, and co-workers. Team building activities, like cosmic bowling and laser tag, gives us a time to relax, talk about our things (other than chocolate), and build lasting friendships.

3. Bee Happy

LCC employees being silly on Valentine's Day
Bee-ing happy (and a little bit silly) for Valentine's Day

It was once said that, "Life is like a box of never know what you are going to get." In order to get through life, you must embrace the box of (gourmet) chocolates! This means we need have the ability to understand ourselves and our emotions so that we can cope with the challenging situations that life can bring. (Valentine's Day can be our busiest, most stressful time of year, so we make the time to be a little playful and "bee happy".)

4. Bee Engaged

No one wants to spend a day at a job they don't like. To bee engaged, we must have the ability to identify our interests and skills and incorporate them into our life's work. At the core of every great LCC employee is a passion for great-tasting chocolate. For some the passion is crafting chocolate or working to develop new flavors, while others enjoy decorating elaborate chocolate sculptures, or sharing the chocolate with customers. After all, how can you not be passionate about work when you get to make and eat Salted Caramels or Hazelnut Five Star bars?!

5. Bee Smart

learning about cacao
Bee-ing Smart by tasting and learning all about fresh cacao pods

To bee...well, we must also focus on our mental health. This means we need to be open to new experiences, skills, and seeking challenges while pursuing a path of lifelong learning. (As true chocolate fanatics, we are always eager to learn more about chocolate – especially when it involves sampling fresh cacao pods!)

6. Bee Balanced

LCC employee compete in the 2016 Corporate Cup
Bee-ing balanced by establishing healthy habits with a couch to 5k challenge

A well-balanced life is a healthy life. In order to bee balanced we strive to establish peace and harmony in all aspects of our lives. This means having the ability to identify the things that inspire and motivate us. It can also mean exploring new healthy hobbies - like a couch to 5k walk/run challenge.

7. Bee Responsible

LCC employee learning about the Love Your Lake campaign
Bee-ing Responsible. Embracing the Love Your Lake campaign and how it strives make Lake Champlain accessible to the community.

The final principle in our Bee…Well program is to bee responsible. This means we must strive to make a positive impact on the quality of our environment - be it our homes, workplaces, communities or our planet. As supporters of the Love Your Lake campaign, we are learning how to protecting (and enjoy) our namesake and the beautiful place we call home - Lake Champlain.

Do you think you have what it takes to "bee" a member of the Lake Champlain Chocolates community? We are always on the look out for fun-loving individuals to join our family of chocolate fanatics! Click here to learn about our current job openings. Bee-ing Well is an ever-evolving journey that you can do too. Show us how you incorporate these principles into your daily lives (@LCChocolates #BeeWellLCC) and always remember to bee...well!

LCC wellness wheel

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