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back to school lunchbox

August has arrived and before you know it, it will be time to send the kids back to school. This means early mornings trying to get everyone fed and out the door on time, hectic evenings shuttling the kids between soccer practice and dance lessons, not to mention the struggle of packing well-rounded lunches that you hope they will eat.

Don’t despair! We’ve teamed up with Vermont Smoke & Cure for the Ultimate Back to School Giveaway. We are here to help make going back to school easier for everyone involved by stocking your pantry with everything you need to fill their lunchboxes and yours!  All you have to do is enter to win over $500 of lunchbox essentials for the entire family.

Here are just a few of the goodies you could win:

back to school lunchbox with star sandwiches

Lake Champlain Chocolates – Assorted Chocolate Squares

We’re starting with dessert because secretly we’re just like your six-year-old. These delightful chocolate squares are the perfect little sweet treat your lunch boxes need.  They come in a variety pack with everyone’s favorite flavor — milk chocolate, dark chocolate, milk chocolate almonds & sea salt and dark chocolate with toffee.  Plus, these organic and fair trade certified squares come in a reusable gift jar!


back to school lunchbox with meat snacks

Vermont Smoke & Cure – Mini Meat Sticks

Avoid the school day chaos with these individually wrapped mini meat sticks. Made in Vermont in Original, BBQ, Spicy Italian, and Pepperoni, these are the perfect protein-packed snack you and your kids will love.  Finally, a snack they’ll actually eat!


back to school lunchbox with Cabot cheddar cheese

Cabot Creamery – Cheddar Cheese Snacking Bars

Nothing is more iconic Vermont than these plaid-wrapped cheddar cheese snacks bars.  These delectable, individually-wrapped cheeses are perfect for packing in a lunchbox and are a personal favorite in our household.


wrapping a sandwich in bee's wrap

Bee’s Wrap – Sandwich Wrap

Isn’t it time to ditch those sandwich baggies for a more sustainable, durable storage solution? Bee’s wrap is just what you need. Crafted by a fellow Vermonter, these reusable, organic, wax-lined sheets are great for wrapping up sandwiches, apple slices, or anything you want to wrap and toss in your lunch box.


a rainbow collection of health warrior snack bars

Health Warrior – Snack Bars

Clean, simple ingredients make a world of difference. Enjoy these 100-calorie snack bars knowing they are packed with only the best nutrient-rich, superfoods, like chia seeds, almonds, quinoa, and dark chocolate.  Available in eleven intriguing flavors, like Dragon Fruit, Caramel Sea Salt, Mango, Coconut, and Dark Chocolate Cherry. Yum!


brightly-colored OmieLife lunchbox

Omielife – Lunchbox

These fun-colored bento boxes were made for little hands. With separate insulated compartments to keep your spaghetti and meatballs hot and your veggies and fruit cold, packing an appetizing, well-balanced, lunch has never been easier!


stack of almond butter and banana sandwiches

Justin’s – Nut Butters

PB&J has been a lunchbox staple for decades. Justin’s naturally delicious nut butters will help you jazz up this classic sandwich. Try mixing it with a honey almond butter and banana sandwich or try a maple cashew butter and blueberry jam sandwich. The possibilities are endless!


picnic lunch with kids

Bare Snack’s – Veggie Chips

Don’t forget to add a little crunch to those lunchboxes. Bare Snack’s veggie chips are made with real veggies that are baked (never fried or frozen) so that they are craveably crunchy. Available in six snack-worthy flavors, like BBQ sweet potato chips, salt & vinegar beets chips, and even ranch carrot chips!

Hungry for more? Two lucky winners will be picked to win this tantalizing back-to-school prize pack valued at $500.

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