Fresh All Natural Chocolates from Vermont

Vermont - Testimonials

“The whole world needs to know about your magnificent chocolates.”
Adrianna L., Dearborn, MI

“You make some great chocolate, folks. Who'da thunk that Vermont could rival Europe in their chocolate expertise? It makes this New Englander proud. Thanks!”
Mary S., Swampscott, MA

“Your chocolate is delicious. One of the many enjoyable things about your state.”
Paula G., Dallas, TX

“During the Christmas holidays we visited Vermont. Besides enjoying ourselves with the natural beauty surrounding us, we enjoyed very much your chocolates.”
Susana M., Miami, FL

“Best of the Region. ”
Yankee Magazine’s Travel Guide to New England

“…the best thing on earth, with the exception of deep powder.”
Eric S., Seattle, WA

“I love your chocolates and truffles. I used to live in VT therefore, I know your chocolate is great. Thanks from a very satisfied customer.”
Marianne R., Virginia Beach, VA

“One of New England’s best chocolatiers.”
New England Travel

“You all really know what you’re doing up there!”
Margaret M., Brandon, FL