Fresh All Natural Chocolates from Vermont

Hot Chocolate - Testimonials

“I have tried your unsweetened cocoa powder and I am in love!  How wonderful!”
- Courtney H., Friendsville, TN

“I bought your organic hot chocolate and I must say, it is one of the best hot chocolates I have ever had. It was absolutely delicious. Thank you for making such a yummy, organic, fair trade product.”
- Lily L. via e-mail

"I'm a serious espresso fanatic and I've put your Mocha mix to the test - literally. Small, medium, and large doses, single froth and mix, double frothing, and straight mixing all mixed with various types of espresso shots.  Finally, someone has figured it out. I couldn't make a bad mocha no matter what I tried. You guys get top honors for keeping the sugar content down, figuring out the importance of cinnamon oils in coffee, and an amazing cacao-milk blend.  I'm really enjoying mocha for the first time. Bravo!"
- Karsten M., Santa Rosa, CA

“Lake Champlain Chocolates is one of my favorite chocolatiers. Wonderful chocolates using the finest ingredients without all the snobbery. Rich and smooth, even drinkers who prefer milk chocolate will love this version.”
- Brett Moore, Top 10 Drinking Chocolates

“The taste is nice and chocolaty and it smells darn good, too. It’s nice and smooth without having a grainy mouth feel. It’s quality stuff, easy to make, and comes with the added benefits of being organic and Fair Trade certified.”
- William K., via

“You've got the world's best hot chocolate.”
- Anne Marie T., Chelmsford, MA

“The Aztec turned out to be about as complex a chocolate as I’ve ever tasted, with a powerful finish of the sort that would do credit to a fine wine.”
- Alison Cook, May 2006

“I loved your chocolates when we were in Vermont last year. I order the hot chocolate and now, no other will do.”
- Elizabeth B. Shepherdstown, WV

“I drank a cup of hot chocolate at your store on my way to Stowe Vermont. I wish to order some to have in South Carolina.”
- Janice C.

“I love your All Natural Traditional Hot Chocolate and have purchased it from Whole Foods in Ridgewood, NJ. It is a favorite in my daughter's household too, and my granddaughters love it.”
-Mary W., NJ

“I just wanted to tell you how thrilled we were to find your Organic Fair Trade Hot Chocolate
at our local market this weekend. I am going to buy lots of it and give it out for gifts this
holiday season. Thank you for helping me to shop with my conscience and having such
delicious, gourmet treats.”
-Tamar C. 

“Your selection of Hot Chocolate is wonderful. The Old World Hot Chocolate is my favorite.
It's like drinking a warm chocolate bar and both sinful and comforting at the same time.”
- Lynn A., Newark, DE

"After several trips to Europe, I was on a search for French drinking chocolate I could make at home. Voila!  I found your Old World Drinking Chocolate. After trying many, many other companies' hot drinking chocolates,  your drinking chocolate was the absolute BEST!
Thanks so much!"
- Susan via e-mail

"I recieved my spicy hot chocolate yesterday, I really enjoy it,
it's got a good spice to it, I like it alot, thanks."
-Brian K., Curwensville,PA

"I discovered your chocolate through a friend that introduced me to your chocolate bars.
I liked them so much I decided last Christmas season to try your cocoa,
the chocolate cake recipe has everyone clamoring for more! It was delicious!
The cocoa made fabulous truffles! You have elevated my baking reputation even higher!
So thank you, not that I will tell anyone the full secret!  Thanks again for wonderful product."
- Heather M., East Brunswick, NJ

“I bought your organic hot chocolate mix. I think this is the best hot chocolate I have ever had! What a great product! Keep up the good work!”
Sarah L., Columbus, OH

“Your Aztec hot chocolate is absolutely delicious! (not only for drinking, but it made a fantastic 'minute-molé' when mixed with the other ingredients in a pinch!) Thank you for continuing to bring such fantastic items to the market place.”
Megan L., Gwynedd Valley, PA

“I've never had such GOOD hot cocoa!!! WOW!!! Thank you so much for such a good product-I will order ALL my hot chocolate from you from now on!”
Sally D., Byron Center, MI 

“Thanks for producing this great cocoa mix. I was looking for a cocoa with low sodium, low fat, low cholesterol. This is exactly the type of Hot Chocolate Mix needed! I pronounce it excellent! The availability of several flavors is appreciated.”
Carolyn H., Fort Collins, CO

"I grew up in Vermont, so I have a natural affinity for products from "back there."
Most live up to the high standards that a small business demands and some far exceed it.
Your company never fails to surpass my expectations. It is a perpetually difficult choice between
all the hot chocolate flavors available from you, but it gives me a reason to lunge out of bed in the morning.  Thank you for so many delicious years measured out in hot chocolate spoons.
-Ruth S., Gaithersburg, MD

“I was very pleased to discover your Drinking Chocolates at our local market. Your Old World is divine ... reminding me of the rich hot chocolates that I found in Paris.”
-Mako, via e-mail