Fresh All Natural Chocolates from Vermont

Five Star Chocolate Bars - Testimonials

“I am always on the lookout for delicious chocolate as I am originally from Europe. I just tried the 5 Star Hazelnut Bar and found it to rival some of the finest European chocolate. I am delighted to have found the chocolate of my dreams!”
-Maja F., Naples, ID

“I can’t believe how good your 5 Star Chocolate bars are! I bought some to try after reading about them and made the mistake of letting my wife have a bite….looks like I’m going back to the store.”
-Marty and Kelly R., Redmond, WA

“I tasted your Five Star Hazelnut bar for the first time yesterday. Even though this candy bar is not superfluously large like other main stream candy bars, there is much more to savor. It was so rich and smooth with just the faintest hint of crunch. It was heaven. I can't wait to taste the other varieties.”
-Taylor G., Alexandria, VA

“I just want to thank you for the 5-star chocolate bar. All your chocolate is unusually delicious, but this 5-star bar is the best chocolate bar I have ever eaten.” 
-Carole M. via e-mail

"The best chocolate bar on Earth -- Vermont’s Lake Champlain Chocolates Hazelnut Five Star Bar."
-Naturally Speaking blog

“One of my co-workers just brought in some of your Five Star Bars - what a treat! The Hazelnut and Fruit and Nut were out of this world!”
-Claire P., Piscataway, NJ

These 2-ounce chunky chocolates from Lake Champlain pack enough wallop to silence the sweet tooth.”
- Arizona Daily Star, December, 2006

“You’ll feel the urge to Google Lake Champlain Chocolates, makers of the impressive-sounding Five Star Bar.”
- Tammy M. Smith,, April 2006

“There they were like a needle in the haystack, sitting so unassumingly and plain on nearly
the bottom shelf at local Market in San Francisco, the 5 Star Chocolate Bar. I figured if a bar
that small costs almost 3 must be good and boy was I wrong....a piece of heaven!
The Best chocolate bars I have ever eaten in my whole 31 years as a chocolate connoisseur.
My favorite is Peanut 5 Star Bar, what a treat and discovery. I will be gifting all the important
people in my life with these little treasures this Christmas for sure! YUMMMMMMeeeeeee! Just
wanted to ya'll know that you have a winner and I think that the 5 Star Bar should be promoted
to an eye level shelf!”
- Lisa, San Francisco, CA

“I'm sure you hear this all the time, but hopefully you never tire of hearing it: Thank you,
thank you, thank you! I am a major chocoholic, and when I first tried your Five Star Hazelnut Bar,
I was in ecstasy!”
- Rebecca F. Columbus, GA

“I just wanted to write to you and reiterate how much I enjoy your chocolates. They have such a rich texture but without unnecessary additions, you keep it simple which makes for a great bar. I have gotten my entire family hooked on them. Even my four year old son has developed a distinguished palate; he won't even touch another chocolate bar because he likes the 5 Star Bar so much. I dream of one day visiting your factory store to try your other chocolates and truffles, but for now, I will settle for my bars. Thank you for making chocolate the way its meant to be. Keep up the good work!”
- Bess C., Bronx, NY

"I have just finished my first Five Star Caramel bar, and it was simply wonderful!
I wanted to thank you for making such a variety of great tasting, high quality products,
and can't wait to try all other delightful flavors as well."
- Michal S.

"I just wanted to let you know how much I enjoy the 5-Star Caramel bar.
I am not much of a chocolate person, but every time I find myself in a store that sells these,
especially the hazelnut, I just can't resist picking one up.  We love your stuff."
- Sara D., via e-mail

“I’ve never written a “fan letter” over a chocolate bar before, but your Caramel Five Star Bar is the most fabulous, delicious candy I’ve ever had!”
Helen M., Brooklyn, NY

“That hazelnut bar is easily the best chocolate I've had in my life. I found myself looking back at other chocolates I'd eaten, and shedding a bitter tear that I wasted those calories. I'm not really much of a chocolate freak so I rarely try new ones. Thank god I did now.”
Nicholas P.

“I would like to compliment you on your Five Star Chocolate Bar. It truly deserves five stars.”
Adrianna L., Dearborn, MI

“... brilliant, simply brilliant.”
Catherine H.

“Towers above the others.”
Vogue Magazine

“I recently got my hands (and tongue) on a Caramel Five-Star Bar, and I must tell you that I nearly wept with joy. I have never eaten anything quite so spectacular. I barely have words to describe it. The caramel is transcendent. Indecent. A thing of glory and excruciating beauty.”
Emily F.

"I just discovered your chocolate bars thanks to Steve Almond and 'Candyfreak'. Five-Star Peanut Bar is now my favorite food.”
Gina B., Pittsburgh, PA

“I’ll never forget the day I tried your Five-Star Bar. One bite, and I was hooked for life. Your Five Star Bar is the greatest creation ever produced by a chocolate company.”
Adrianna L., Dearborn, MI

“Yummm...Your 5 Star Fruit and Nut bar was the best I have ever had. The aftertaste is also so good, it would be a shame to brush my teeth too soon.”
Shereen L., Springfield, VT

“Outstanding Confection.”
The National Association for the Specialty Food Trade Showcase

“I had the sweet pleasure of enjoying one of your Five Star Bars. It was soooo good.”
Evelyn E., Plainwell, MI

“Recently I bought a chocolate bar from your company. It was the best I have ever eaten!”
Jean K., Fort Worth, TX

“Your Five Star Bar is the best chocolate bar I have ever had in my life! This chocolate is definitely “Five Star!”
Leah C., Campbell, CA

“I wish to congratulate you on and thank you for your excellent 5 Star Hazelnut Chocolate Bar. While living in France, I became enamoured with hazelnut flavored chocolate--'chocolat praliné'. I also became quite spoiled by the quality of European chocolates. Although I have found some good chocolates in the U.S., this is the first time I have found 'chocolat praliné' which measures up to my standards. I find that most American chocolates are too sugary. Yours is deliciously sweet, but does not hide the delicate and heavenly flavors of chocolate and hazelnut.”
Lisa E., Ypsilanti, MI

“The Ultimate Chocolate Bar”
Vogue Magazine

“After eating your 5 Star Hazelnut Bar, I realized what I have been missing all these years! This chocolate is phenomenal! I think I am in big trouble now. There won’t be any possible way that I can resist.”
Veronica L., Boston, MA

“I recently purchased your Caramel Five Star Chocolate Bar. It's the best caramel I've ever tasted.”
Andrea B., Robbinsville, NJ

“I read about your 5 Star Bars in Steve Almond's 'Candyfreak'. I decided to pick one up and give it a try. The quality is everything that Steve Almond said it would be. The caramel tastes buttery-- it reminds me of the homemade caramel dip my mom used to make. Thanks for putting out a great product.”
Eva S., Plainfield, IL

“I wanted to share my delight over discovering your Five Star Hazelnut Chocolate Bar. What a perfect blend of textures! They’ve moved from the luxury to the necessity shopping list.”
Kara C., Raleigh, NC

“It was the best chocolate I have ever had. It was what we female connoisseurs call “Better Than Sex Chocolate.””
Ruby M., Toledo, OH

“A friend of mine gave me a chocolate that reads Five Star Chocolate Bar hazelnut praline and milk chocolate. I have never tasted any other chocolate as good as this.” 
- Bernice V., Tuscon, AZ