Fresh All Natural Chocolates from Vermont

Chocolates of Vermont - Testimonials

"Honestly, the most outstanding chocolate I have ever experienced and I am a true chocoholic. I love the way the other flavors of the candy; the caramel, maple crunch, mint, nuts and fruit stand back and let the chocolate take the spotlight. Just right. My idea of perfection.”
Myrna R., Encinitas, CA

“When we visited Vermont a couple of years ago, we fell in love with your Maple Crunch Chocolates.” - Frank P. "I spent last week in Vermont and on my way back, I stopped to buy dark chocolate with maple crunch inside. THIS WAS SO GOOD - CLOSE TO NIRVANA!!!"
-Lynda L., Montréal

“I have been all over Europe sampling chocolate, but your Chocolates of Vermont have incredible complex notes that are amazing. My mouth is incredibly satisfied and not overwhelmed.”
Joseph C., Madison, CT

“I LOVE YOUR CHOCOLATES!!!! Especially the one with the bee hive on the chocolate. You have the best in the U.S.”
Pam A., Richmond Heights, OH